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Open educational resources (OER) are materials for teaching and learning that are made available to others for free or at a substantially lower cost than traditionally-published materials. Using creative commons licenses, authors around the nation have created and consolidated resources that are designed for students and professors as cost-free alternatives to conventional textbooks. Open educational resources are the future of education as an initiative to counteract the skyrocketing price of textbooks, as well as introduce a flexible, editable, and adaptable material.


NDSU Student Government has taken an initiative to implement, enhance, and sustain open educational resources and open access textbooks at North Dakota State University. The creation of the grant program was to accomplish the three goals as stated prior. By dispersing grants and gifts to professors for taking action and implementing these cost-effective materials, we believe we are at the forefront of the future of textbooks. We encourage all professors to apply to become a part of this educational movement.


In order to accomplish our goals, Student Government has created an award program to promote and support the implementation of open textbooks and other open educational resources. This award is to compensate faculty members for the effort to switch their material over to be based around the new open access material. We highly encourage all who are interested to apply for an award and play a role in implementing open educational resources.

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OER Review

NDSU Student Government is beginning a program that will allow the professors the opportunity to review an open educational resource in their field of study. This program will offer a $250 compensation to NDSU instructors who review an open educational resource relevant to their course. Upon completion of the review, we also ask them to consider adoption the textbook for a course with further compensation (see above).


These reviews will be critical to the implantation and continuation of open educational resource on NDSU’s campus as they will be public, allowing other professors and instructors the opportunity to ensure the content is relevant for their course. These reviews will examine the nature and scope of item being considered for use in a particular course. Reviews should consist of a concise summary of the work, and offer an assessment of the content of the textbook addressing the following 10 criteria:



-Content Accuracy







-Grammatical Errors

-Cultural Relevance


Refer to the book review rubric Textbook reviews should consist of about 500-1000 words to be granted the $250 award. Samples of open textbooks can be found at Openstax , University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Library,and at the UConn Library Guide to Open (And Alternative) Educational Resources.


Refer to the Open Resource Textbook Review Application found above prior to completing the official book review.

Open Resource Textbook Review Application:

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