Student Fee Advisory Board (SFAB)

The Student Fee Advisory Board (SFAB) is responsible for providing input and making recommendations for mandatory student fees to the President of the University. Mandatory fees are fees that are paid by all registered students on a per credit basis. A breakdown of all mandatory fees can be found here.

SFAB Committee

SFAB is made up of students, faculty and staff from various departments on campus. The 2019-2020 SFAB committee is comprised of the following people:


    • Chad Blank, Student Activity Fee (Voting)
    • Jason Blosser or Marc Wallman, Technology Fee (Voting)
    • Joe Mocnik, Libraries (Voting)
    • Bruce Bollinger, Vice President of Finance and Operations (Non-Voting)
    • Margaret Fitzgerald, Interm Provost (Non-Voting)
    • Karin Hegstad, Wellness Fee (Voting)
    • Careene Madrid, Student Senator (Voting)
    • Lindsey Pouliot, Executive Commissioner of Academic and Student Affairs (Voting)
    • Al Schwalbe, Student At-Large (Voting)
    • Patty Dirk, Health Fee (Voting)
    • Laura Friedmann, Student Senator (Voting)
    • Abbi Klos, Student At-Large (Voting)
    • Laura Oster-Aaland, Career and Advising Fee (Voting)
    • Cyndi Rott, Budget Director (Non-Voting)
    • Lauren Singelmann, Graduate Student At-Large (Voting)
    • Mason Rademacher, Student Body President & Chair (Non-Voting)



SFAB Feedback Survey

Please provide your feedback on the proposed fee increases by filling out the survey found here.

SFAB Meetings and Supporting Documents

SFAB Bylaws

SFAB Agenda 12/16/19

SFAB Minutes 12/16/19

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