Master of Natural Resource Management

Our online or in-person MNRM degree is the perfect fit for students looking for a flexible, course-based degree.

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About the Master of Natural Resource Management

" . . . I had come to NDSU with a deep interest in the environment, specifically for the tall grass prairie, but had not been able to pin point exactly what I wanted out of a career. Through the classroom, lab and summer field work opportunities with the NRM and Entomology departments I was able to develop a strong sense of self which has made me confident to explore many different avenues for a career." - Sarah Wilson, MNRM, Biological Technician, USFS Detroit Lakes, MN.

What is a Master in Natural Resource Management (MNRM) degree?
  • MRNM is a professional, course-based master’s degree that allows you to further your post-Bachelors education in disciplines related to natural resources.
  • It is a 30-credit, interdisciplinary degree which focuses on many different areas, including range, entomology, soil science, and other natural resource topics
  • As a course-based degree, you have the option to take part in research. However, it does not require performing research or writing a thesis.
  • Unlike many research-based graduate degrees in the sciences, the MNRM program is tuition based, which means there are many more enrollment opportunities.
  • Please see "Types of Masters Degrees" for more on a MNRM degree vs a traditional, research-based MS degree.
Who is the degree for?
  • People with a desire to further their education, advance in their career, get into natural resource fields, or advance their learning for personal and professional goals.
  • People who want flexibility, including online options or the ability to work at their own pace.
  • People who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management, Biology, or another related field; or who want to use their past education to expand in those areas.
Why is the program right for you?
  • The program maximizes flexibility in the courses you take, experiences you have, and the timeline you pursue.
  • The MNRM is offered fully online, fully in person, or any combination. This allows you to take control of what works best for you in your unique situation.
  • The MNRM program has affordable tuition options. Most students will pay our low in-state tuition, even if they are not North Dakota residents. Those who wish to pursue a fully online program will also pay in state tuition no matter where they are. Our Tuition Description page has additional details. 
How do I apply?
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