Research Specialist 
Soil Science Department
237 Walster Hall 


  • B.S., Agricultural Systems Management; North Dakota State University, 2015
    • Minor: Crop and Weed Sciences
  • M.S., Plant Sciences; North Dakota State University, 2019
    • Thesis: Integrating faba bean (Vicia faba Roth) into cropping systems as a cover crop, intercrop, and late-season forage compared with other legume cover crops in the upper Midwest. M.T. Berti (Major Advisor), B. Johnson, E. Deckard, T. DeSutter

Research Activities:

My research involves the implementation of soil heath practices into farming operations. These practices are tailored to meet specific goals such as reducing soil salinity and erosion, and increasing soil water infiltration, holding capacity, organic matter, and aggregation, in hopes of improving the resiliency of the soil in adverse conditions. Some practices we work with in the soil health program are no-till, strip till, cover crop use, and Interseeding. 

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