Research Specialist
Department of Soil Science
131 Walster Hall


Research Activities:

  • Soil health/soil biology
  • Cover crop management
  • Soil salinity
  • Tillage management
  • Laboratory analyses

Background:  I grew up on a farm in the Fargo, ND area, and currently operate the family farm.  I received my BS (1990) and MS (1998) in Soil Science from NDSU.  I have been in my current (full-time) position since February, 1991.  I am married with 3 children.

Research: I worked with Dr. Lyle Prunty in Soil Physics research for 21 years.  Since then I have been working in Soil Health research, under several faculty members.  Past Soil Health related research projects have included:  1.) quantifying effects of various soil salinity remediation techniques on soil microorganisms as measured by enzyme activities  2.) use of QPCR to look at shifts in quantities and types of soil bacteria resulting from changes in soil management techniques  3.) effects of various tillage practices, management techniques and soil amendments on greenhouse gas emissions from and nitrogen transformations in soil;  4.) use of infrared spectroscopy to predict soil health indicators in sodic soils;  5.) effects of soil salinity and various soil management techniques on water stable aggregation in soils.  I currently work for Dr. Caley Gasch, who started at NDSU in July 2015.  Dr. Gasch’s background involves soil ecology in response to different land management practices, plant-soil relationships, spatial and temporal patterns of soil properties, and methods for monitoring soil health.  Dr. Gasch’s research program currently includes:  1.) effects of inter-planted cover crops on cash crop and soil properties;  2.) soil salinity management with cover crops  3.) effects on biological soil health caused by the use of thermal desorption for the reclamation of crude oil contaminated soils;  4.) measuring and demonstrating cover crop root growth using rhizotrons  5.)  education of and disseminating information to North Dakota farmers about aspects of soil health ranging from soil biology to cover crops to tillage practices.  If you desire further information about the previously mentioned research projects, we welcome you to contact us.

Service:  I currently serve as the Soil Science department safety officer.  I also serve as Soil Science’s machinery coordinator, which involves management, maintenance, repair and fabrication of the department’s equipment and machinery resources.  I am also involved in the training, maintenance and repair for several analytical instruments shared within the Soil Science department.

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