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2010 - Present

Radermacher, Matthew. 2016. Pattern recognition and feature extraction using lidar-derived elevation models in GIS: A comparison between visualization techniques and automated methods for identifying prehistoric ditch-fortified sites in North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

Weston, Brenna. 2016 Ghosts and Graveyards: Colonial Park Cemetery and Memory Construction on Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia. Advisor: Dr. Kristen Fellows.

Tanselle, Brett, 2016. An Exploration of New Methods of Ceramic Analysis: Examining Pottery Sherds from American Samoa using Computed Tomography, Physical Examination, and Residue Analysis.  Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark

Brinkman, Heather. 2015. Cyberbullying in World of Warcraft's Looking for Raid function. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark and Dr. Edward Avery-Natale.

Clawson, Jenna. 2014. Ethical Landscapes of the Human Terrain System. Advsior: Dr. Joy Sather-Wagstaff.

Aakre, Allison. 2014.  Marine Resource Use and Distribution on Ofu Island, Manu'a, American Samoa. Advsior: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

Nordick, Amanda. 2014. Meaningful Materials: Revitalizing History and Heritage through Hands on Experiences. Advisor: Dr. Joy Sather-Wagstaff.  Amanda is working with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County as their marketing coordinator.  She is also site manager of the Comstock House in Moorhead, MN.

Brown, Jessica, 2013. Spaces for Developing Sociocultural Capital: A Case Study of Community Gardens in an Agrarian Community. Advisor: Dr. Joy Sather-Wagstaff

Quintus, Seth James, 2011.  Land Use and the Human-Environment Interaction on Olosega Island, Manu'A, American Samoa.  Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark. Seth is currently attending graduate school in Auckland, New Zealand

Rau, Jessica Lynn, 2010. The Historic Fargo Theatre: A Symbol of Collective Memory and Community Consciousness.  Advisor: Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz.  Jessica is currently the campaign/project manager at Minnesota Orchestra based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Locket, Lacey Laura. 2010. Paleopathological Conditions Presenting in a Collection of Juveniles From a Merovingian Site in Central Germany.  Advsior: Dr. Thomas J. Riley.


Kristi Stahl. 2009. Quiltmaking As a Theraputic Process:  An Anthropological Study. Advsior: Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz.

Hagemeister, Emily Mae. 2009. Science and the Scientist.  Advsior: Dr. Joy Sather-Wagstaff.

Ferris, Kade Michael. 2006. The Chippewa of North Dakota: An Examination of American Indian Cultural Evolution During the 18th and 19th Centuries. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

Emch, Paul Thomas. 2006. Globalization, Localization, and Ethnicity: Norwegian-American Foodways and Culture As Celebrated at the Norsk Hostfest. Advisor: Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz.

Bergstrom, Aaron Lee. 2006. Reliability Of Laser - Generated Polygon Surrogates for Hominid Endocast Research. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

VanSurksum, Amy Beth. 2006. Russian Old Believers Settling in Northern Minnesota: A Contemporary Example of Selective Adaptation. Advisor: Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz.

Landrum III, James Edward. 2006. Samoan Stone Adzes and Digital Tools: The Cutting Edges.  Advsior: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

George, Naia Cora. 2006. Bone Surface Modifications: Taphonomic and Environmental Implications of Fossil Faunal Remains From the Upper Laetolil Beds (Locality 9), at Laetoli in Northern Tanzania. Advisor: Dr. Thomas Riley.

Land, Diana. 2005. The Culture of Direct-Entry Midwifery in the Upper Midwest. Advisor: Dr. Charles Musiba.

Burns, Wade Kyle. 2004. The Effect Transportation Routes Had on Military Installation Placement, Settlement, and Agricultural Patterns in Dakota Territory: 1860-1890. Advsior; Dr. Thomas J. Riley.

Burns, Christina Grimsrud. 2004. Power, Gender, and Organization of Space: A Comparison Between Extended Coalescent Hidatsa and Crow Women and the Structures in Which They Lived. Advsior: Thomas J. Riley.

Kitch, Travis Morley. 2003. A Study of the Efficacy of Utilizing the Total Institution Paradigm in Interpretating Historic Archaeological Sites.  Advisor: Jeffrey T. Clark. Travis is currently teaching Introduction to Anthropology and Medical Anthropology for the department at North Dakota State University and Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Moorhead, MN.



Semmens, Ronald Scott. 1994. Ecological and Experimental Analysis of the Cultural Use of Amanita Muscaria. Advsior: Bill B. Brunton.

Dinu, Alexandru. 1994.  The Indo-European Homeland: An Economic Model.  Advisor: Jeffrey T. Clark.

Geist, Troyd Andrew. 1991. Between Two Worlds: Bell's Palsy As a Mark of Troubled Liminality. Advsior: Timothy J. Kloberdanz.  Troyd is currently the State Folklorist for North Dakota. 


Engbrecht-Schaff, Nadine. 1987. The Acquisition and Efficacy of the Fold Healer Position: A Profile. Advisor: Timothy J. Kloberdanz.

Hendrickx, Louis O. 1984. Brahma Drama: An Anthropological Study of the American Rodeo Clown. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark.

Berfelz, Barbara Ann. 1978. A Network Approach to Social Strategies. Advisor: Dr. Bill B. Brunton.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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