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Pruett, Jennifer, 2015. Tykes and Tenure: Navigating the University from the Standpoint of Faculty Mothers. Advisor: Dr. Christina Weber

Owino, Jonix, 2015. Integration of African Refugee Women into the Fargo-Moorhead Community. Advisor: Dr. Christina Weber

Speer, Callie Dominique Karlsson, 2015. "It's More How Other People Perceive You": Social Identity Formation Through Study Abroad. Advisor: Dr. Christina Weber.  Dominique is continuing her work with the NDSU International Programs.

Kauffman, Alicia, 2015. Agency and Empowerment in the Childbirth Process: The Effect of Medicalization on Women's Decision Making.  Advisor: Dr. Christina Weber. Alicia is continuing her work with the NDSU International Programs.

Yakubova, Muhabbat, 2014. Education System of Tajikistan During the Civil War: Students' Perspectives of Hardships.  Advisor: Dr. Christopher Whitsel.  Muhabbat is currently working on her Ph.D. at NDSU in Communication.

Bartholomay, Daniel, 2014.  Exploring the gendered efficacy of photovoice methodology. Advisor: Dr. Gina Kelly.  Daniel is currently working on his Ph.D at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Lazarus, Jennie, 2014.  Understanding Grower and Producer Motivations for Participation in Farm to School Programs. Advisor: Dr. Gina Kelly.  Jennie is working as a researcher at The Center for Public Partnerships and Research at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.  She will be evaluating the effectiveness of 3-grade reading level improvement programs in rural schools.

Putz, Audrey, 2014.   Healing garden for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Advisor: Dr. Christina Weber.

Bohnenkamp, Shelby, 2013.  Inheritance Patterns and Strategies: Processes for Intergenerational Farmland Transfer in Southeastern North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Whitsel.  She is  currently working at Microsoft.

Mudzongo, Courage, 2012. Understanding Child Work and Child Labor in the 21st Century: A Focus on Malawi and Tanzania.   Advisor: Dr. Christopher Whitsel.  Courage is currently working on his Ph.D. in developmental sciences with the Human Development and Family Science Department at NDSU.

Wiertzema, Ashley, 2012. Nature's Best: An Analysis of a Lactation Education Needs Assessment.  Advisor: Dr. Richard W. Rathge. Ashley currently has a two-year fellowship commitment with the CDC as an associate with PHAP (Public Health Associate Program).  Her host site is the Wisconsin Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health (part of the Department of Health-DHS) located in Madison, WI.  Ashley's first year assignment is NTSIP, which is the National Toxic Substance Incidents Program, She will work with several other individuals in collecting data on chemical spill reports throughout the state of Wisconsin and report the information to the CDC.  Her second year assignment is working with chronic disease, but with a focus on asthma in the state of Wisconsin.  She will work with several people with the DPH (Department of Public Health) to analyze asthma data and many other activities.

Thapa, Madhurim, 2012. Community Perspectives on Girls' Dropout in Tajikistan. Advisor: Dr. Christopher M. Whitsel.

Chappell, Christie, 2012. Perceptions of Gender in Collegiate Coaching: How Men's and Women's Experiences are Different. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Bergenheier, Lindsay, 2011. Downtown Fargo: Stakeholder Struggles and the Crisis of Identity. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Larson, Samantha June, 2011.  What's North Dakota's Secret? Exploring the Hidden Career Challenges of Young, Single, and College-Educated Women from Rural North Dakota Through Institutional Ethnography. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Okigbo, Karen Amaka, 2011. Ghostly Narratives: A Case Study on the Experiences and Roles of Biafran Women During the Nigeria-Biafra War. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Mathers, Angela M. 2010. Shifting Perspectives: Desocialization and the Journey Toward Critical Consciousness. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Erickson, Kendra. 2010 Primary Health Care Provider Differences in the Management of Preschool Aged Children's Mental Health Issues. Advisor: Dr. Richard W. Rathge.


Anderson, Tyler Jon. 2009. The Impact of Ethno-Religious Conflict on Identity Among Muslim and Non-Muslim Peoples in Mindanao.  Advisor: Dr. Gary A. Goreham.

Mowery, Misti. 2008. "We Believe Deeply in This Cause:" How Nurses and Staff Members Justify Their Involvement in a Women's (Reproductive Health) Clinic. Advisor: Dr. Christina D. Weber.

Kramer, Jean Marie. 2008. Everyday Identification: An Exploratory Study of College Students' Choices Between Disclosure and Privacy.  Advisor: Dr. Daniel J. Klenow.

Mullenberg, Roxanne Elizabeth. 2007. Males Versus Females: Gender Differences on Pornography. Advisor: Dr. Thomas McDonald.

Berwari, Azad. 2006. The Referendum Movement for an Independent Kurdistan: Political Opportunity Structure and National Identity, A Sociological Study.  Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Slobin.

Ruch, Sara Marie. 2006. Community's Perception of the Feasibility of Agritourism in Admas County, North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Gary A. Goreham.

Nwokedi, Babian Chiagozie. 2005.  The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Emergency Management: A Case Study of Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) in the 1997 Red River Flood. Advisor: Dr. Gary A. Goreham.

Jensen, Sarah Marie. 2005. Methodological Critique, Evaluation, and Theoretical Extension of A direct Mail Communication Campaign for Women's Preventative Health Behaviors.  Advisor: Dr. Richard W. Rathge.

Sowga, Shauna Lea. 2004. Ethical Principles Used by Mennonite Farmers and Hutterite Farmers and Decision Makers Regarding Genetically Modified Seed.  Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.

Clemenson, Mandy Jean. 2004. Factors Contributing to the Perceived Costs of Providing Informal Care.  Advisor: Dr. Richard W. Rathge

Ziegler, Shelly Rose.  2003. An Exploratory Study of NDSU Undergraduates and Employment.  Advisor H. Elaine Lindgren.

Lantz, Kimberly Marie.  2003. School Safety: An Evaluation of the School Resource Officer. Advisor: Dr. Kevin M. Thompson

Johnson, Sara Judine.  2003. Insight Into the Lives of Single Fathers: A Qualitative Observation.  Advisor: Dr. Gary A. Goreham. Sara is currently working for International Programs at North Dakota State University.

Noehl, Stephanie Susan. 2003. Crime and the 1997 Red River Valley Flood.  Advisor: Dr. Kevin M. Thompson.

Fernholz, Kerry Jerome. 2002. Serial Murder and the Print Media: An Exploratory Study. Advsior: Kevin M. Thompson.

Bandyopadhyay, Sikharini. 2002. The Factors Affecting Satisfaction With Offer of Social Support. Advisor: George A. Youngs.

Danielson, Ramona Ann. 2002. Orchestrating Their Futures: The Decision-Making Process of Fargo/Moorhead Area Graduating College Students. Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Slobin. Ramona is currently working for the Center for Social Research at North Dakota State University.

Sundlie, Jolene Rae. 2002. Perspectives on the Northern League of Independent Baseball: A Sociological Study. Advisor: Dr. H. Elaine Lindgren.

Olson, Kay Schwarzwalter. 2002. Barriers to the Health Assessment of Refugees Living in a Metropolitan Area.  Advisor: Dr. H. Elaine Lindgren. Kay is currently working for the Center for Social Research at North Dakota State University.

Smith, Leretta May. 2001. Application of Gender Concepts in Young Children When Determining Roles in Gender-Neutral Occupations.  Advisor: Dr. George A. Youngs. Leretta completed at Ph.D. at South Dakota State University and is currently teaching for the Sociology and Anthropology Department at North Dakota State University.

Walker, Danelle Andrea. 2001. Examination of a Self-Development Project in Carrington, North Dakota. Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.  Danelle is currently working for the School of Natural Resources Sciences - Entomology Department at North Dakota State University.

Kutzke, Michael Roney. 2001. Police Use of Non-Lethal Force in a Midwest Community. Advsior: Kevin M. Thompson.

Kantos, Kallie Lina. 2000. Law Enforcement Officers' Perceptions of the Deterrent Effectiveness of the 1983 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Law in North Dakota. Advisor: George A. Youngs, Jr.

Jacobsen, Carrie Ann. 2000. A Case Study of a Complex Methodological Design Used in a Refugee Needs Assessment Pilot Study. Advisor:Richard W. Rathge.

Larson-Steckler, Elizabeth Ann. 2000. The Social Construction of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Advsior: Kathleen O. Slobin.

Kelly, Gina Aalgaard. 2000. Exploring the Decisions Behind Retirement of Recently Retired Faculty at NOrth Dakota State University. Advisor: George A. Youngs.  Gina completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota and is currently teaching in the Sociology and Anthropology department at North Dakota State University.

Huseth, Andrea Lynn. 2000. Assessing the Relationship Among Impulsivity, Eating Disorders, and Tobacco Use in Adolescent Females. Advsior: Kevin M. Thompson.

Highman, Paula Jean. 2000. Legislative Low-Income Ideology in North Dakota: Characteristics and Consequences. Advsior: Richard W. Rathge.

Faulkner, Ruth Ann. 2000. Home-Based Businesses: Changes in Living Patterns and the Built Environment. Advsior: H. Elaine Lindgren.  Ruth Ann is currently working for the Center for Science and Math Education at North Dakota State University.



Sanderson, Charles Kenneth. 1999. Local Governance: A Case Study. Advsior: Kathleen Slobin.

Petrovic, Uros. 1999. Ivo Andric and His Historical Novel as a Window into the Balkan Tragedies: The Metamorphosis of the Social World into the Reality-To-Be-World. Advisor: H. Elaine Lindgren.

Boeke, Kaye Dawn. 1999. Impact of Social Capital on Migration of Low-Income Persons. Advsior: Richard W. Rathge.

Poley Jr., William Fred. 1999. Marginalization Management: Japanese Students in an American University Community. Advisor: Kathleen Slobin.

White, Mark Taylor. 1999. A Sociological Assessment of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Claimsmaking in the Print Media. Advisor: Kevin Thompson.

Whittey, Charlotte. 1997. Self-Esteem and Educational Aspirations. Advsior: George A. Youngs, Jr.

Johnson, Viki. 1997. The Effects of Gender, Social Class and Consequences on Reactions to Emotional Conflict: A Social Psychological Investigation. Advisor: George A. Youngs, Jr.

Kibbe, Theron Fredrick. 1996. Value-Added Contract Cooperatives: Investor and Non-Investor Differences. Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.

Johnson, Janelle Gay. 1996. An Evaluation of A Community Health Needs Assessment. Advsior: Richard W. Rathge.

Anderson, Judith Ann. 1996. A Triangulated Analysis of Women's Courtroom Experiences When Dealing With Abuse. Advsior: H. Elaine Lindgren.

Sinha, Ashish. 1995. The Impact of Socio-Technical Factors on the Nepalese Farmer Groups' Adoption Process of Innovative Potatoes. Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.

Jensen, Dawn Ellyn. 1995. The Social Ecology of CENTRE, Inc: A Reassessment of Staff and Resident Perceptions. Advsior: Thomas D. McDonald.

Saar, Cynthia Lynn. 1994 The Influence of Foreign Language Study on Ethnocentrism and Prejudice. Advsior: George A. Youngs, Jr.   Cynithia is currently teaching French for the Modern Languages Department at North Dakota State University.

Demke, Laura Ann. 1994. An Exploratory Study of Long-Term Care Volunteers. Advsior: Daniel J. Klenow.

Branden, Karen Anita. 1994. An Evaluation of an Alternative Education Program in a University Setting: Skills, Self-Esteem, and Stigma. Advsior: Kevin Thompson.  Karen is currently teaching for the Sociology Department at Minnesota State University - Moorhead in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Hatlen, Margaret Jean. 1994. The Impact of Support Networks on Community Development. Advsior: Richard W. Rathge.

Terry, Shannon Marie. 1994. Students' Orientations Toward Feminism at the University: A Descriptive Study. Advsior: Kathleen O. Slobin.

Colemer, Dena Nundahl. 1993. Consulting Among Academic Sociologists: An Exploratory Study. Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.

Lynch, Cullin Michael. 1993. Job Satisfaction, Burnout, and Stress by Career Stage Among Police.  Advsior: Kevin M. Thompson.

Christensen, Darla Jean. 1993. The Sociology of Multidisciplinary Research: A Case Study. Advisor: Gary A. Goreham.

Ryttie, Virginia Lee. 1992. Parents' Perceptions of Life With a Chronically Ill Child: A Case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Advsior: Daniel J. Klenow.

Schwartzwalter, Linda Maire (Kalland). 1991. Nurses' Definitions and Perceptions of Sexual Harassment. Advsior: H. Elaine Lindgren.

Eid, Mahmoud Taha. 1991. Adjustment of Foreign Students at North Dakota State University. Advisor: George A. Youngs, Jr.

Thilmony, Jeri J. 1990. Educational Opportunities and Equality of the Female Officer. Advsior: Thomas D. McDonald.

Longtine, LaRayne Jeanette. 1980. Analysis of Satisfaction and Perceptions of Quality for a Community Hospital. Advisor: Daniel J. Klenow.

Schroeder, Jarilyn K. 1990. Organ Donation and Transplantation: A Community-Wide Survey. Advsior: Daniel J. Klenow.


Kelly, Shawn. 1989. A Community-Wide Needs Assessment of Older Persons. Advsior: Daniel J. Klenow.

Butters, Tami Justice. 1987. Comparison of Techniques in Assessing Restitution. Advsior: Thomas D. McDonald.

Holm O. Arthur. 1987. Organizational Structure: Its Effects on Job-Related Stress. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Kleist, Jeffrey. 1986. The Information Model: One Approach to Alcohol/Drug Prevention. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Berndt, Gloria J. 1986. Family Structure as an Indicator of Child Restraint Usage and Ownership in North Dakota. Advisor: Daniel J. Klenow.

Atkinson, Steven Marshall. 1985. Personal Factors Associated With Voluntary Participation in Rural North Dakota. Advsior: Eldon C. Schriner.

Erdmann, Celeste Lyn. 1985. Hospice Volunteers: Perceptions, Insights and Feelings. Advsior: Daniel J. Klenow.

Dettmann, Jeannie Lapthorn. 1985. Perceptions of Urban Indigents: As Others View Them and As they View Themselves. Advsior: H. Elaine Lindgren.

Beary-LaVenuta, Erin A. 1984. Perceptions of Aging in an Institution: A Descriptive Study. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Zimmerle, Denise Marie. 1984. Housing Preferences -- Description and Elaboration. Advisor: Eldon C. Schriner.

Mapes-English, Sheila Marie. 1982. Patterns of Care in a Nursing Home: A Field Study. Advisor: Daniel J. Klenow.

Shipp, James B. 1981. Drinking Behaviors of a High School Population. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Matcha, Duane Allan. 1980. Attitude Toward Multi-Generational Living Arrangements: A National Study. Advisor: Daniel J. Klenow.

Ezenibe, Solomon Udoka. 1980. The Impact of Education on the Extended Family System in Nigeria. Advsior: Eldon C. Schriner.

Bjercke, Ellen Catharina. 1980. Critical Issues in a Therapeutic Community for Chemical Abusers, Selected Issues. Advisor: Daniel J. Klenow.


Carlson, David Lee. 1979. Christian Fundamentalism and the Young: A Case Study. Advsior: Eldon C. Schriner.

Klassen, Helen Marie Nordstrom. 1979. Chippewa Patients in an Alcoholism Treatment Facility: Their Social-Psychological Characteristics and Perceptions of Treatment. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Seiler, Barbara Meier. 1978. Evaluation of Pilot Training Program for Middle-Age Children With Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Gallagher, Thomas Neal. 1978. Selected Social Factors Associated with Clergy Referrals to Health and Welfare Agencies. Advisor: Steven H. Murdock.

Peterson, David William. 1978. A Rural Village Tavern in North Dakota. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Leikas, Leonard R. 1967. Self-Descriptions of Problem Drinkers in a Veterans Administration Hospital. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Champagne, Duane Willard. 1975. Correlates of Graduation On American Indian Students In An Occupational-Educational Training Program. Advisor Joy M. Query.

Keogh, Faye Lucille. 1974. A Study of Migration Selectivity and Motivation Among College Seniors. Advsior: H. Elaine Lindgren.

Montgomery, Rhonda Voigt. 1974. An Evaluation of a Community Youth Center and Its Impact on Delinquency. Advsior: Thomas D. McDonald.

Klundt, Karen Kay. 1974. Occupational Role Expectations of Female College Students. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Bechtel, Harold Kenneth. 1974. Student Beliefs Concerning Labeled Deviant Behavior. Advsior Thomas D. McDonald.

Arves, Miriam Desse. 1974. Fort Ransom, North Dakota: Past, Present and Future Community. Advisor: William C. Sherman.

Chen, Ching Chung. 1973. Parent-Youth Conflict and Social Class. Advisor: Eldon C. Schriner.

Stephens, Stephen L. 1972. The Variables Affecting Decision Making and Traditional Female Task Completion of Student Husbands. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Aggerholm, Jane Loretta. 1972. A Sociological Perspective on Death. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Corwin, Patricia Arneson. 1972. An Exploratory Study of Stress in Marital Relationships and Life Style of Missile Launch Officers. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Gilbertson, Gary Raymond. 1972. Counseling in an Organization: A Sociological Analysis of Counseling in a Comlex Organization. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Kuruvilla, Thomas Coipurathu. 1972. A Comparative Study of School Achievement of Adolescent Children With Working and Non-Working Mothers. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Lee, Wha Jung. 1971. Attitudes of American and Korean College Girls Toward Premarital Sexual Behavior. Advsior: John P. Collette.

Steines, Meriel Dorothy. 1971. Women and Aging: The Process of Disillusionment Amongst Women. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Wesley, Beverly Anne. 1971. Role Specialization in the Scientific Community: A Discussion of Three Roles. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Enders, Charles Francis. 1971. Probation Success: A North Dakota Study. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Thomas, Saramma. 1971. Parsons and Mukerjee: A Comparative Analysis. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Brodeur, Kenneth Jerome. 1970. Social Class and Attitudes Toward the South East Asian War. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Soland, Brian Kenneth. 1970. Variables Which Differentiate the More From the Less Visited Patients in a State Hospital Inebriecy Treatment Program. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Scheer, Ralph A. 1970. Environmental and Intellectual Factors Based on Teachers' Ratings in the Piagetian Conception of Conservation of Liquids Among Children. Advisor W. T. Query.

Allison, David Homer. 1970. A Comparison of a One Sided Argument to a Two Sided Argument in a Persuasion Situation. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Chang-Yit, Lazette Bevers. 1969. Attitude Changes Toward the Mentally Ill. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Yirchott, Mary Jo. 1969. A Study of the Relationship Between Parent-Child and Doctor-Patient Dependency Patterns. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Kennelly, Elaine Aymond. 1969. Awareness of Emotional Disturbances in Elementary School Children. Advisor: Seth Russell.

Brash, Elizabeth Jane. 1968. Self-Conception, Satisfaction and Alienation. Advsior: Joy M. Query.

Coles, Robert Alan. 1968. The Relationship  Between Patriotism and Attitudes Towards the Draft. Advisor: Joy M. Query.

Scott, Michael Joseph. 1967. Identification of the Potential College Dropout Through the Use of Pre-Admission Data and Processing. Advisor: James O. Whittaker.

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