Natalie Basta

B.S. Anthropology, University of South Dakota
Anthropology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested in public perceptions of law enforcement. I am also interested in forensic and biological anthropology, and I have completed research with radiocarbon dating.

Anne Johnson

B.S. Organization Communication, Middle Tennessee State University
Sociology Graduate Student
Research Interests: I am interested in higher education enrollment trends, equity in higher education, and generational trends in education.

Nicole Mohs

B.A. Sociology, Unicersity of North Dakota
Sociology Graduate Student
Research Interests: My main areas of interest include sexual harassment in the workplace and social psychology. Having a minor in psychology has influenced my interest in the relationship between society and the individual. I also enjoy organizational theory and research.  

Kamal Kumar Nepali

B.A.  Sociology & Economics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. My key research interests are social inequality, political change, gender studies, human behaviors and social integration of people with disabilities. Being from both Sociology and Economics background, I am always enthusiast to study how economic factors affect in the societies of developing nations. I am having a really great experience studying Sociology so far at the North Dakota State University, especially with the highly skilled faculty members and their pedagogical approaches.

Faith Daniel

B.S. Sociology, Bemidji State University
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested in studying the sociology of aging, including dementia, the limited opportunities for social interaction that presents as a problem in many rural communities, and why our society views the concept of aging as it does. Aging has many misconceptions about it. Healthy aging does not mean pain or less individual input to society itself. I have worked with many aging adults in nursing homes and hospitals and realized that this age group is one I would be honored to work with throughout my life. They give me insight and have a special feeling in my heart. I get excited! 


Emily Galbraith

B.S. Sociology, Brigham Young University - Idaho
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested in policy and program evaluation in the areas of global development, public health, and political change. I am also interested in the work of gathering data in these areas, making it accessible, and fostering ethical, meaningful engagement with the information.


Tyrel Iron Eyes

B.A. Anthropology, North Dakota State University
Anthropology Graduate Student
Research Interests: I am interested in Indigenous self-determination, identity, and cultural revitalization and preservation, primarily as they relate to the Oceti Sakowin though not limited to that sole nation. My current focus is Tribal Historic Preservation Offices and how they incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing into non-Indigenous systems.

Debarati Kole

M.S. Geography (Specialization in Population geography), Presidency University, Kolkata, India
Sociology Graduate Student
Research interests: I am interested to study about immigrant and refugee populations in the United States. Especially how they are influenced by their social network and social capital for getting proper education and employment.

Magda Lopez

B.A. Sociology, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Cayey
Anthropology Graduate Student
Research Interests: I’m interested in disability and its intersection with gender and sexuality. My current interest is understanding how disabled individuals negotiate their sexual rights in their interactions with their caregivers or parents. I’m also aimed to engage in a critical analysis of the ways society shapes everyday experiences of what it is mean to be being human. Working with disabled individuals, my goal is to create awareness of their experiences, as well to create an accessible and inclusive society.

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