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Sociology is the study of social structure, social inequality, social change, and social interaction that comprise societies. The curriculum is structured to introduce majors to the sociology discipline and provide them with conceptual and practical tools for understanding social behavior and societies. Areas of study include small groups, populations, inequality, diversity, gender, social change, families, community development, organizations, medical sociology, and aging.

Occupational Tracks

The department has developed several occupational tracks to help students better understand what areas of employment they can pursue.  The tracks options will give a list of potential employers, potential job titles and/or fields along with suggest curriculum choices and skills one would have after completing the tracks.  They are:  

Starting Fall 2016

Advising News for Sociology Majors

There has been a change to when we will offer Senior Capstone (SOC 489).  We will only be offering the Senior Capstone once a year, during fall semesters.  That means if you are currently a junior planning to graduate in Spring of 2017, you will need to take Senior Capstone in Fall of 2016.   Senior Capstone will no longer be offered in the spring.  We encourage you to get in touch with your advisor if you have any questions. 


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