Land Management Research Projects

Maximizing Soil Warming and Health under Different Tillage Practices in a Corn-Soybean Rotation.

ND Soybean Council, 2014-2015, $55,929
MN Corn Research and Promotion Council, 2014-2015, $13,863
MN Soybean Growers, 2014-2015, $13,863
(A. Daigh, J. DeJong-Hughes and A.F. Wick)

Benchmarking and Documenting BMP Impacts on Soil Health in the Northern Great Plains.

USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant, 2013-2016, $998,937
(Alverson, Brunkhorst, Skunes, Alverson, Narem, Clay, Malo, Carlson, Clay, Reese, Beck, Kumar, Mueller, Ferguson, DeSutter, Cihacek, Fortuna, Wick and Casey)
ND Corn Council Matching Fund Proposal, 2013-2016, $162,000
(A.F. Wick and T. DeSutter)

Improving Soil Health and Productivity of Remediated Oil-Spill Soil.

Tesoro, 2014-2017, $300,000
(T. DeSutter, A.F. Wick, and F. Casey)

Land Reclamation on Bakken Oil and Gas Contaminated Sites in North Dakota.

Bakken Optimization Program, 2014-2016, $199,999
(R. Limb, A. Daigh, K. Sedivec and A.F. Wick

Renewal on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation: land, cattle, beef, and people

 USDA-AFRI, 2010-present, $5,000,000
(R. Maddock, G.A. Halvorson, K.C. Olson, M.A. Liebig, J.R. Hendrickson, B. A. Geaumont, L. Xu, P. Johnson, R. Gates, D. Archer, M.N. Mongoh, R.S. Littlefield, K.K. Sedivec, C.S. Schauer)

This project is the beginning of a much larger effort to increase the food security of people on the Standing Rock Reservation by increasing livestock production and meat processing on Reservation lands.  My involvement concerns portions of the research which will identify strategies to maximize the productivity and ecological integrity of rangelands to be used in natural beef production systems. Interrelationships between land, vegetation, wildlife, and beef cattle production will be studied in a culturally-appropriate manner.  One objective is to evaluate livestock and wildlife responses to the influence of the spatial proportions of native rangeland pastures colonized by prairie dogs.

Grassland restoration efforts on the historic Elkhorn Ranch in western North Dakota

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and United States Forest Service, 2010-present, $178,000
(B.A. Geaumont and C.S. Schauer)

The goal of this project is to develop restoration techniques that can be used to establish native plants in western North Dakota as well as to reestablish native plants on former cropland within the historic Elkhorn Ranch.

Evaluation of the effects of various degrees of vegetation utilization by livestock on wildlife production in post Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands in southwest North Dakota

(B.A. Geaumont)

This proposed project is intended to provide increased management options for those lands both currently enrolled and recently expired from the Conservation Reserve Program with the primary goal being an increase in the production of livestock in the Upper Great Plains and the maintenance of prime wildlife habitat.  This effort will result in information that will help us better understand the effect of livestock grazing and performance at reduced levels on gamebird and waterfowl production as well as the implications of reduced grazing for song bird diversity on post-CRP land.