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Soil Science


Dr. Dave Franzen
Extension Soil Specialist

NDSU, Dept 7180
Fargo, ND 58108-6050


BS, MS, and Ph.D. from University of Illinois, Urbana, IL. 18 years as agronomist and manager in the retail fertilizer business in East Central Illinois. Completed Ph.D. in 1993, with thesis addressing field variability of P, K, and soil pH in two Illinois fields. Results are published and publications are listed on this page. Joined NDSU faculty in June, 1994.

Professional Duties:

Provide educational programs on soil and soil fertility topics to extension agents and specialists, industry professionals, farm producers and the public. Material is presented using meetings, field tours, written material, radio, TV, video and internet resources. Perform applied soils research projects as are relevant to North Dakota producers.

Research Interests:

Site-specific agriculture

Site-specific detection of residual soil N levels and the levels of other plant nutrients have been studied during the last twelve years to a greater level, with a greater accumulation of data, than any other nutrient effort in the history of NDSU. The results support the general use of a “zone” approach to soil sampling that could easily be adopted by most growers. With the support of local businesses and their associated crop consultants, growers can choose to map and manage nutrients site-specifically on their own, or with assistance. (more)

A three-state, federally supported project (USDA-CSREES-IFAFS) was initiated in 2000 to determine whether similar zone delineation methods could be used across the region, or whether the preferred methods were more localized. Economic and environmental benefits were also studied during the project. (summary)

Soil fertility research

Dry bean N requirements ...; Winter application of urea ...; Soil Factors Affecting Iron Chlorosis; Interaction of soybeans stressed from iron chlorosis and postemergence herbicides; Copper response of spring wheat and durum; Mapping levels of soil pH, and plant available Cu, B, Zn, Cd and Se; Sand-syndrome in sugarbeets. (more)

Scientific Publications

Extension Publications and Programs



Iowa State Compendium of Non-conventional Soil Additives and Amendments

NCERA-13- North Central Research Activities

NCERA-180: Site-Specific Crop Management

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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Soil Science Department
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