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Soil Science


Dr. Dave Franzen
Extension Soil Specialist

NDSU, Dept 7180
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Extension Publications:

Franzen, D.W. 2017. Nitrogen extenders and additives for field crops. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-1581.(Revised)

D.W. Franzen. 2016. North Dakota Fertilizer Recommendation Tables and Equations NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-882 (Revised).

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Cihacek, L.J., D. Franzen, X. Jia, R. Johnson, T. Scherer. 2012. Evaluation of Soils for Suitability for Tile Drainage Performance. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-1617.


Franzen, D.W. 2009. Fertilizing winter wheat. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-1448.

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D. Franzen, G.W. Rehm, and J. Gerwing. 2006. Effectiveness of gypsum in the North Central region of the U.S. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-1321.

Franzen, D.W. 2006. Fertilizing pinto, navy and other dry edible beans. NDSU Ext. Cir. SF-720 (Revised).

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Franzen, D., L.K. Sharma, and H. Bu. 2014. Active Optical Sensor Algorithms for Corn Yield Prediction and a Corn Side-dress Nitrogen Rate Aid. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-1176(5).

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D.W. Franzen 1998. Fertilizing field pea and lentil. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-725 (revised).

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D.W. Franzen. 2009. Fertilizing hard red spring wheat and durum. NDSU Ext. Circ. SF-712(2).

T.F. Scherer, B. Seelig, and D. Franzen. 1996. Soil, water, and plant characteristics important to irrigation. NDSU Ext. Bull. EB-66.

Extension Programs:

Annual Precision Farming Workshops (last Thursday in Feb, since 1995).

Soil Science training seminars for agricultural professionals and producers. January, since 1995.

Speaking presentations at Experiment Station Field days, county ag days, field tours, as requested and as possible to schedule. Approximately 60 each year.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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Soil Science Department
North Dakota State University
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