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Soil Science


Soil Science Courses

210Introduction to Soil Science3 Physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, as related to use, conservation and plant growth. 2 lectures, 1 laboratory. F,S
217Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology3

Basic meteorology-climatology concepts and their application; includes energy balance, greenhouse effect, temperature, pressure systems, lows, highs, fronts, winds, clouds, storms, humidity, precipitation, and measurements. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations. Prereq: MATH 103. S

322Soil Fertility and Fertilizers3

Principles of plant nutrition and soil nutrient availability; soil testing and fertilizer recommendations and management. Macronutrient emphasis. 2 lectures, 1 two-hour laboratory. Prereq: SOIL 210, CHEM 121, 121L. S

351Soil Ecology3

Principles of soil-plant-animal interactions and their influences on environmental and agricultural issues of global significance (e.g. sustainable agriculture, global climate change, diversity conservation. Prereq: SOIL 210.

410/610Soils and Land Use3

Principles of chemistry, physics and biology will be used to determine the effects of soil management, agrichemical usage, livestock production, and vegetation on the environment using scales ranging from microsite to watershed. Prereq: SOIL 210, CHEM 121, 121L.

433/633Soil Physics3

Soil as a three-phase system. Application to soil of physical principles and measurements of soil properties, including density, texture, structure, water content, heat capacity, and transport coefficients. Relationship of properties to agricultural and industrial contamination. 2 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prereq: SOIL 210, PHYS 211, MATH 146. F

454/654 Wetland Resources Management 3 Principles of wetland systems, wetland management, wetland functions, wetland delineation, wetland assessment, and wetland improvement. Fall Semester.
444/644Soil Genesis and Survey4

Introduction to soil genesis, morphology, geography, techniques of soil survey; field studies and description of soils. 3 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. One or more Saturday field trips. Prereq: SOIL 210. F


Characteristics and causes of the climate near the ground and its interaction with living organisms. Energy and mass transfer concepts. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, field trips. Prereq: PHYS 211. F (odd years)

465/665Soil and Plant Analysis3

Laboratory analysis of soil, plant, and environmental materials for constituent elements. 2 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prereq: SOIL 210, CHEM 330, 331. S (odd years)

480/680Soils and Pollution3

To provide the basic physical, chemical, and biological fate and transport processes of pollution in soils and to neighboring water bodies. Also, how to model and apply these processes to the landscape scale. Prereq: MATH 146, CHEM 121, 121L.

721Environmental Field Instrumentation and Sampling2

To provide an overview of the tools (manual and electronic) concepts, and theories used to sample for physical, chemical, and biological parameters. F (odd years) (Two one-hour lectures and one four-hour laboratory per week.)

733Modeling Environmental Fate and Transport2

To provide the principles of modeling physical, chemical, and biological fate and transport processes for application in current environmental problems. Emphasis placed on mathematically expressing processes and describing observations. Offered spring semester, even years. Prereq: MATH 146 and CHEM 121 and CHEM 121L.

755Soil Chemistry3

Chemical reactions and equilibria, solubility relationships, mineral weathering, cation and anion adsorption, redox reactions, metal chelation, and fixation of nutrients in the soil. 3 lectures. Prereq: SOIL 332, CHEM 122, 122L. F

763Advanced Soil Physics3

Composition of soil in terms of solid, liquid, and gaseous phases. Theory of water, heat, and solute transport processes. Water availability for plant growth. 2 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prereq: SOIL 433 or SOIL 633, PHYS 211, MATH 146 or 165. (even years)

782Advanced Soil Fertility2

Advanced study of soil-plant-nutrient relationships with emphasis on concepts of soil fertility, ion absorption, nutrient transformation, and interpretation of experimental data. 2 lectures. Prereq: SOIL 322. F (even years)

784Advanced Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification2

Advanced study of processes of soil development, soil morphology, and principles of soil classification. 2 lectures. Prereq: SOIL 444/644. F (even years)

491/790Soil Science Seminar1

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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