Do you want to join Staff Senate? 

Every spring, we have campus wide elections for full-time broadbanded staff members who have successfully completed their 6 month probationary period.  During this process, you can nominate yourself or someone can nominate you.  After nominations close, we begin the election process where NDSU staff login to a link that we provide on our website and vote.  Each broadband has a certain number of representatives based on the percentage of staff members employed in that broadband.  There are restrictions to how many staff can be elected in each category, making the person(s) with the most votes the elected representative(s) for their broadband.  10 senators are considered At-Large senators which means they can be from any of the broadbands.

During the rest of the school year, there is still potential for you to join Staff Senate if we are not at capacity (60 senators is our current capacity).  If you have questions about Staff Senate or would like to join, please contact someone on the election committee.

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