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Staff Senate


Staff Senate Elections

A voting link will be emailed to you on 3/26. 

Learn more about our 2021 candidates below and then check your email for a link to cast your vote. If you can't find your email ballot, contact election committee chair Elizabeth Cronin. 

In addition to the open seats listed for each broadband, Staff Senate may fill up to 10 member-at-large seats. 

2021 Candidates

1000, 3000 BANDS: Administrative/Managerial and Professional

Elizabeth Cronin
Agriculture Communication
I have enjoyed serving NDSU through my work as a part of Staff Senate. The best part is being able to bring the perspectives of NDSU staff to the table when decisions are made that impact our work and environment. I hope to serve another term to represent staff and keep working toward making NDSU a great place to work and learn.  


Jordan DiPalma
Fraternity and Sorority Life
I enjoy being involved in staff senate because it helps me create new connections and build new friendships with other staff members across campus. I believe that it gives staff members a collective voice on campus, and I want to continue to assist in amplifying the voices that are often unheard.


Kay Hopkins
Dean's Office, College of Business
I am Kay Hopkins, Business Manager in the College of Business. I enjoy being a member of Staff Senate and would like to continue to represent myself and my peers across campus.


Pete Lambertz
Network Engineering and Operations
I am a long time Bison, having earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at NDSU in 1989. I’ve been with the NDSU IT Division since 2019 working fulltime as the Director of Enterprise Networks. Became a member of the Staff Senate in 2019 and am nearing the end of my first term. Being a member of Staff Senate has been an enjoyable couple of years and I have been an active staff representative through participation on the IT, Staff Development and Ad Hoc subcommittees.


Amanda Reil
Career and Advising Center


Nate Robideau


Jessica Rose
AES Animal Science
I love being on Staff Senate because I enjoy the opportunity to meet and work with folks from all across campus. It also allows me to stay up-to-date on matters that directly affect myself and other staff members at NDSU. I hope you’ll choose me for another term as a NDSU Staff Senator!  


Saurabhi Satam
Research and Creative Acitivity
I have been at NDSU for a little over a year. As a Business Development and Licensing Associate, I primarily work with faculty members to help identify, build and protect NDSU’s intellectual property portfolio. I enjoy meeting people and building relations; and the staff senate is an excellent platform to forge new connections. I appreciate the opportunity to become a staff senator and am excited to be actively involved with our NDSU community.


Kristi Steinmann
Office of VP for Information Technology
I’d like to stay involved with Staff Senate for a few reasons. First, it’s a great group of people who all believe in the mission of NDSU and want to serve our students—I like getting to connect with other senators. Second, we get to use our voices to influence policies and discussions that affect us and those we serve at NDSU. Finally, it helps me do my job better—when I know what’s happening on campus, I can help my unit respond to needs we may not be aware of.


Renae Wagner
NDSU Bookstore


Jennifer Young

AES Animal Science
I am the Swine Research Technician and Assistant Swine Barn Manager on campus. I have been involved in Staff Senate for two years and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know about how campus is run and helping to influence decisions on campus. I’ve been on several committees and look forward to serving on Staff Senate again.

4000 BAND: Technical and Paraprofessional

Brenda Field
Nursing, Sanford Bismarck


Corey Landowski
Registration and Records


5000 BAND: Office Support

Maggie Heinle
Human Development and Famiy Science
I take the Staff Senate Mission to heart. I feel promoting a progressive campus environment means we respect the past, but we look towards making our campus the best it can be. This includes collaborating with Faculty and Student Senates and promoting committee activities. I’ve been back on campus since January 2020. I was in the Foundation Office at Valley City State University prior to that. I was very active on the NDSU campus when I worked here in the 1990s. I’m excited to get back to involvement with my fellow staffers!


April Helgaas
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science


Krisanne Mogck
Student Affairs, Enrollment Management


6000, 7000 BANDS: Crafts/Trades and Services

Roland Hall
Facilities Management

Do you want to join Staff Senate? 

Every spring, we have campus wide elections for full-time broadbanded staff members who have successfully completed their 6 month probationary period.  During this process, you can nominate yourself or someone can nominate you.  After nominations close, we begin the election process where NDSU staff login to a link that we provide on our website and vote.  Each broadband has a certain number of representatives based on the percentage of staff members employed in that broadband.  There are restrictions to how many staff can be elected in each category, making the person(s) with the most votes the elected representative(s) for their broadband.  10 senators are considered At-Large senators which means they can be from any of the broadbands.

During the rest of the school year, there is still potential for you to join Staff Senate if we are not at capacity (60 senators is our current capacity).  If you have questions about Staff Senate or would like to join, please contact someone on the election committee.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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