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Bring Your Own Bag Month

February 2019
NDSU Bookstore & Herd Shop

Throughout the month of February, NDSU's Environmental Sustainability Committee aims to make the use of reusable bags the "IT" thing on campus while decreasing the desirability of plastic bags. While there are many environmental reasons to not use plastic bags, we want this to be a healthy choice made by each individual on a regular basis, on-campus and off. In this inaugural event, the NDSU Bookstore and Herd Shop has agreed to partner with us to offer some exciting ways to save our earth and feel good while you are doing it. 

There are a lot of exciting things happening for Bring Your Own Bag Month, read more about each initiative below:

Skip the Bag

Consider whether or not you need a bag at all. Plastic bags will not be available during the month of February. If you must take a plastic bag any other time of year, ensure it gets reused or recycled at a plastic bag recycling location in the region (located at many stores). Also, consider how many reusable bags you really need, if you don’t need one don’t take one. Even reusable bags have to be disposed of eventually.

TIP: Consider all the purchases you make in our community and decide if a plastic bag is really necessary or if you can carry a collapsible, reusable bag with you for use when needed.

5 Cent Bag Discount

When you make a purchase at the NDSU Herd Shop and Bookstore this February, you receive a 5 cent discount every time you bring your own bag to carry your purchases (Backpacks included!). 

TIP: Look for discounts around our community, many places offer similar bring your own bag discounts.

Reusable Bags Available

If you forgot a bag or purchased enough to need a bag, a limited supply of new reusable bags will be available. New reusable bags were donated by Gate City Bank and U.S. Bank.

TIP: The NDSU Bookstore may also carry NDSU branded reusable bags for purchase and for showing your Bison pride around our community.

Donate Reusable Bags

All year long the NDSU Bookstore offers a “take one, leave one” bin for reusable bags. The reusable bag bin has been very popular and more bags are needed.

TIP: If your stash of reusable bags is getting too large, drop off your good condition, clean, and reusable bags at any Bookstore or Herd Shop cash register.  

Plastic Film Recycles with Plastic Bags

When you make your trip to the store to drop off your plastic bags in the recycling containers don't forget to bring the plastic film that is in your home. Plastic film is also very recyclable as long as it is clean and dry. Plastic film includes bubble wrap, zip style baggies, dry cleaning bags, cereal and bread bags, as well as other product wrapping (ex: toilet paper and paper towel plastic wrap)

TIP: Review this link for different types of acceptable plastic film and for stores that accept recycling of plastic bags and film

The Bring Your Own Bag event is sponsored by the NDSU BookstoreNDSU Herd Shop, and NDSU Staff Senate Environmental Sustainability Committee and was inspired by many other colleges that offer Bring Your Own Bag events.


In order to expand this event for future months and years, we need individuals who are passionate about seeing a dramatic reduction in the use of plastic bags on campus and in the community. If you have an idea for a fun, engaging way to make this event more impactful, we want to you participate.

Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Event Planning Coordination
  • Supply a Discount for Any Type of Reusable Container
  • Event Promotion Support
  • Donate Reusable Bags
  • Organize a Pop-up Plastic Bag Recycling Station.

If you would like to participate in planning the next Bring Your Own Bag Month contact one of the Staff Senate Environmental Sustainability Committee members

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