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State Employee Recognition Week 2013

September 9th - 13th

Virtual Scavenger Hunt: the Sights and Sounds of NDSU

Celebrate State Employee Recognition Week and test your knowledge of NDSU. Every day during State Employee Recognition Week you'll find two new clues with pictures and sounds on this page for mystery locations around campus. To find out exactly what these mystery locations are, simply come back to this page the following day for the answers.

Sept. 13th Sights: RCATT, Research 2

The first computer chip designed in North Dakota was developed at this facility and sensors developed here are now used on three continents.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 13th Sounds: Memorial Union Food Court

This space is newly renovated for Fall Semester and a longtime local business began operations here in 2012. Hundreds of people visit this place every day.

Sept. 12th Sights: RCATT, Research 1

A primer for aircraft was developed at this facility and licensed to a global company. A technology used to protect bronze sculptures and other artwork from weather was also developed here.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 12th Sounds: Renaissance Hall

This building is part of NDSU's downtown campus and houses NDSU's MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printers for the Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts Departments. The MakerBot takes digital models and transforms them into physical objects made out of a durable, renewable bioplastic called PLA.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 11th Sights: Advanced Imaging and Microscopy Core Laboratory

This facility provides advanced imaging for research in applied sciences including infectious diseases of plants and animals, plant breeding, reproductive physiology, animal nutrition, meat science and muscle biology, cell biology, microbiology, pharmacology, cereal and food science, material sciences, and polymers and coatings.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 11th Sounds: Dennis C. Colliton Memorial (Babbling Brook)

This relaxing vista located in the heart of NDSU's main campus was based on the winning entry for a contest held by the Landscape Architecture Department. It was dedicated in 2005 to the director of the Landscape Architecture program who spearheaded the contest.

Sept. 10th Sights: Office of International Programs, MU

This office welcomed approximately 200 new international students from over 50 countries for the Fall 2013 Semester. NDSU's Study Abroad program is also housed in this office.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 10th Sounds: Beef Cattle Research Complex

The sound your are hearing is the Insentec BV computerized bulk feeder. This NDSU location is one of only four such facilities in North America that have Insentec technology.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 9th Sights: AES Research Greenhouse Complex

This facility provides seed cleaning, seed drying and a long term seed storage services and is home to NDSU's vernalization, misting and growth chambers.

Find more information HERE.

Sept. 9th Sounds: Server Room, IACC



The equipment in this room comprises the backbone of NDSU's IT infrastructure. This webpage and most webpages on are hosted here.

Find more information HERE.

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