An item submitted to the NDSU-STAFF@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU e-mail list will be posted if the e-mail:

  1. is directly related to University concerns.
  2. contains information that will be of general interest to the target group (NDSU staff).
  3. originates from a sender who has an obvious affiliation with NDSU.
  4. includes political or religious content of general interest (such as events) and does not endorse a partisan viewpoint or individual.
  5. includes solicitations or advertising concerning products or activities sponsored by NDSU or by officially recognized NDSU organizations.
  6. includes solicitations for participation in research projects with prior IRB approval.
  7. contains special interest announcements such as missing persons or benefit fund raisers (per the discretion of the moderator).
  8. does not contain attachments (see NOTE 1).
  9. has accessible images and content (see NOTE 2).

NOTE 1: We do not allow attachments due to security concerns. Some attachments can contain malicious content, even if the sender is not aware of the content. As a friendly suggestion, please consider including a link to any attachment you widh to include or insert any images/flyers/advertisements in the body of the email instead (see NOTE 2 about accessible content).

NOTE 2: Some NDSU staff use screen readers or other technology to make email content more accessible. However, images in an email are not considered accessible and cannot be “read” by screen readers. If you include any images or graphics in your email, please make sure all the image content is described in the email or that the image has alternative text. For example, if you include an image of an advertisement, please make sure the important information is also in the body of the email (date, time, location, cost, etc).

All content submitted to NDSU email lists must conform to Policy 158, Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Devices.

The following footnote will be included for all ListServ messages:
"This message is posted as an informational service to the campus community. If you are not interested, please delete. You are asked to refrain from responding with your personal views to the individual who provided the information."

The email list will have an automatic response to the sender when an email is submitted.  Your email will be reviewed within 48 hours and the moderators will decide if it meets the guidelines listed above before approving.  If you have any questions, please contact the moderators of the Staff Listserv listed below:

Fred Hudson at 231-5174 or

Maggie Latterell at 231-9442 or 

Shwa Schroetter at 231-9764 or

Updating your listserv preferences:

The NDSU Staff Listserv can be changed to a digest (one email per day with a summary of all emails) or you can unsubscribe (no longer receive emails). Instructions on both are below:

To receive a daily digest instead of individual emails:

  1. After you are subscribed, send an email to (Note: This must come from the exact email address used in your subscription)
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. In the body enter: set NDSU-STAFF mail digest

To unsubscribe from the listserv:

  1. Send an e-mail to (Note: This must come from the exact email address used in your subscription)

  2. Leave the subject line blank of the e-mail
  3. In the body (not subject) of the e-mail enter the following: 

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