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Recognition Award Recipients

2015 Recipients


Individual Recipients: Megan Ehora, Judith Henry Huber, Aida Martinez-Freeman, Regina Ranney, Jeffrey Erickson, Christine LaVallie, Judy Erickson, Judith Moe, Roxanne England, Debra McDonald

Team Award: Plant Sciences Administrative Support Team - Kamie Beeson, Eileen Buringrud, Cora Crane, Michelle Grant, Louise Heinz, Lisa Johnson and Starr Thies

2014 Recipients


Individual Recipients: Daniel Erichsen, Ben Bernard, Mary Jean Hunter, Laura Thibert, Kris Holt, Michele Sherman, Zhongying (Amy) Du, Cheryl Long

Team Award: Agribusiness and Applied Economics Team - Judith Moe, Joan Peterson, Norma Ackerson, Edie Nelson, Shelly Swandal, Paulann Haakenson, Sandy Osborne

NDSU Staff Recognition Awards

Individual Staff Recognition Awards are presented annually to the broadbanded staff at North Dakota State University.  Up to ten awards may be distributed according to the percentages in each of the five NDSU categories: Administrative/Professional, Technical/Paraprofessional, Office Support, Crafts/Trades, and Services. Each recipient will receive a cash award of $250. 

The Team Recognition Award recognizes a group of individuals who have contributed to the accomplishment of a major change or benefit to the University community.  A team may be made up of any combination of broadbanded and non-broadbanded staff with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 members. The team needs to have a connection to NDSU and only broadbanded team members employed at NDSU will receive the award.   Teams can be a part of a larger scope, such as NDUS.  The accomplishment needs to be NDSU related.  The team will receive a cash award of $600 to be divided equally between members (maximum of $250 per individual).

Staff Recognition Award Criteria


When nominations are reviewed, this is what the committee is scoring the nominee on:


Nominee's job performance throughout the year:

  • Consistently produces high-quality work under all circumstances
  • Gives extra effort to complete a job or to share a heavy workload
  • Serves on committees and contributes to their success
  • Volunteers to work on special projects

Valuable contributions or services provided by the nominee to their department over and above their core job requirements:

  • Integrates information or equipment for greater efficiency or use
  • Works to eliminate unnecessary actions or steps for delivering services
  • Develops procedures minimizing customer time and resource usage
  • Develops new work strategies to reduce waste and save time and money

Nominee's working relationships with the public and with other departments:

  • Helps others beyond general job requirements
  • Receives unsolicited thank you or appreciation letters for work done
  • Is exceptionally courteous, even tempered, and cooperative

Nominee's working relationship with fellow workers:

  • Helps other beyond requirements of job
  • Contributes to a team-oriented, supportive working environment
  • Is always friendly, courteous, and cooperative

Contributions made to the whole community:

  • Service to professional organizations
  • Volunteer work
  • Service to civic, religious, school, veteran, or other groups (committees, officer, etc)

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