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Individual Staff Recognition Award Nomination Form

  2. All submissions due by March 1, 2020

  3. The criteria examples should be considered as a guide for making nominations for the Individual Staff Recognition Awards. Examples must include meritorious service within but not limited to the last year.

    Please refrain from using the nominee's name in your narratives below as we must redact/remove identifying information.

  4. Nominee's job performance throughout the year
  5. -- Consistently produces high-quality work under all circumstances
  6. -- Gives extra effort to complete a job or to share a heavy workload
  7. -- Serves campus through committees and special projects

  8. Valuable contributions or services provided by the nominee to their department over and above their core job requirements
  9. -- Improves efficiency for their office/ department
  10. -- Builds camaraderie among team members
  11. -- Contributes to a positive environment

  12. Nominee's working relationships
  13. -- Helps others beyond general job requirements
  14. -- Receives unsolicited thank you or appreciation letters for work done
  15. -- Consistently provides outstanding customer service that supports the NDSU mission – student focused, land grant and research university
  16. -- Contributes to a team-oriented, supportive working environment
  17. Explain the valuable traits this individual possesses

  18. Contributions made to the whole community
  19. -- Service to professional organizations
  20. -- Volunteer work
  21. -- Service to civic, religious, school, veteran, or other groups (committees, officer, etc.)

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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