• Ph.D. (1982)-University of Missouri

Specializing In:

  • Nonparametrics
  • Inference Under Order Restriction
  • Regression

Courses Taught:

  • STAT 330:       Introductory Statistics   
  • STAT 368:       Statistics
  • STAT 491:       Capstone Seminar
  • STAT 4/660:    Applied Survey Sampling
  • STAT 4/663:    Nonparametric Statistics 
  • STAT 4/767:    Probability & Math/Stat I
  • STAT 4/768:    Probability & Math/Stat II
  • STAT 725:       Applied Statistics
  • STAT 726:       Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance
  • STAT 775:       Using Statistics in Sports

Selected Publications:

Magel, Rhonda and Childress, Geoffrey (2012), Examining the Outcome Effects of the Turnover Margin in Professional Football, accepted by Journal of Sports Science and Engineering

Magel, Rhonda, Cao, Li and Ndungu, Alfred (2011), Comparing the Durbin, Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Teat, and a Proposed Tests in a Balanced Incomplete Block Design, accepted by The International Journal of Science and Society

Magel, Rhonda, Terpstra, Jeff, and Chang, Chia-Hao (2011), On the Use of Spearman's Correlation Coefficient for Testing Ordered Alternatives, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Volume 81, Issue 11, pp 1381-1392

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