Students hoping to earn the certificate must take 12 semester credit hours consisting of graduate level courses in statistics. STAT 725 needs to be the first course taken for students with little or no prior knowledge of statistics. No credit will be given for STAT 725 for the certificate if it is not the first course taken. Students in the certificate program cannot receive credit for both STAT 661 and STAT 726. STAT 726 is recommended. Also, students in this program cannot receive credit for both STAT 670 and STAT 671. After completing the requirements for the certificate, please contact the Department of Statistics to verify completion. 

Admissions Requirements

  • B.S. or equivalent degree from an accredited university
  • Knowledge of College Algebra

Sample of Courses

STAT 725 Applied Statistics - 3 credits
STAT 726 Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance -3 credits
STAT 662 Introduction to Experimental Design -3 credits
STAT 663 Nonparametric Statistics -3 credits

Total Number of Credits = 12

Students need to apply to the graduate degree certificate program through the Graduate School.  Please contact the Graduate School for further information.

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