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Formal Report to the Police

A report to the police can empower the survivor in exercising legal rights and aid in the protection of others. If a report is to be made to the police, the survivor is encouraged not to destroy evidence by bathing, douching, changing clothes or cleaning up in any way. 

NDSU University Police & Safety Office (Available 24 hours)

Phone number: 231-8998

Location: 1523 - 12th Avenue North (Auxiliary Enterprises)

-          Survivors are welcome to bring a trusted, supportive individual with them to file a report.

-          The first step in a sexual assault report is an initial interview with the officer on duty.  Survivors should be aware that they will be asked a variety of questions intended to gently draw out the details of what happened. 

-          Survivors will then likely have a subsequent, in-depth interview.  This interview will most likely be with an officer who is highly experienced in sexual assault interviews.  Again, survivors will be asked a series of questions regarding details of the case. 

-          Police officers will collect evidence to be used in a potential, future trial.  They will ask to take the clothes the survivor was wearing at the time of the attack, as well as sheets or any other materials that could potentially provide evidence to be used in a trial.     

Fargo Police (Available 24 hours)

            Phone number: 911

Formal Report to Student Life

Regardless of whether a survivor has or has not reported a sexual assault to the police, and no matter how much time has passed since the assault occurred, survivors still have the option to directly report the crime to student life and file a formal complaint.  The Office of Student Life can provide information on how to initiate a formal complaint (if the perpetrator is, or was at the time of the occurrence, an NDSU student) and also put the survivor in touch with a variety of resources across campus.  There are a variety of people and offices to which a survivor can formally report a sexual assault:

Office of Student Life 231-6560

Assistant Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy – 701-231-5733

Resident Hall Director

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