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What is consent?

Consent is NOT:

-         Silence

-         Sleep

-         Having had sex together before

-         Being drunk

-         Having kissed or done any other sex act

-         Being in love (if he/she says they love me, this must be okay)

Consent IS:

-         Saying “Yes” with both your body and your words

-         Given while sober

-         Clearly communicated

-         A sign you truly respect and care for your partner

-         A two-way street

-         Given continuously and at intervals (it is a process!)

-         Sexy

Consent means words or actions that show a voluntary agreement to engage in mutually agreed upon sexual activity.  Consent is an affirmative decision given by clear actions or words. It is important not to make assumptions. If confusion or ambiguity on the issue of consent arises anytime during the sexual interaction, it is essential that each participant stops and clarifies, verbally, willingness to continue. Consent may not be inferred from silence, passivity or lack of active resistance alone. Furthermore, a current or previous dating or sexual relationship is not sufficient to constitute consent, and consent to one form of sexual activity does not imply consent to other forms of sexual activity.

It is important to note that a person who is intoxicated is not legally able give consent to sexual contact or sexual acts.  Additionally, a person seventeen years old or younger is not legally able to give consent to a sexual act or contact with a person eighteen or older

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