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Clarification of Eligibility

Clarification of Eligibility for Participation in Co-Curricular Activities Policy

Leadership Position Defined
A student leadership position at North Dakota State University is defined as students holding elected or appointed leadership positions including but not limited to presidents of all recognized student organizations/groups, individuals who are responsible for campus programs or who hold positions with high levels of responsibility. Each student organization/group shall define beyond the president those leadership positions that hold significant levels of responsibility within their organization/group. Student Government Executive Members, Student Court Members, Student Senators, Campus Attractions Staff, Volunteer Network Staff, Inter-Fraternity Council Officers, Panhellenic Council Officers, Fraternity and Sorority Standard Board Members, Cheerteam members including mascots, and Hall Government Presidents must meet academic and conduct eligibility standards.

Students who are employed in leadership positions such as resident assistants, orientation leaders, student athletes, and the Spectrum staff must meet the minimum eligibility requirements as well as meet the employment criteria of the department for whom they report to.  The department will be responsible for ensuring that students meet the University eligibility guidelines.


Creating Awareness of the Policy
During each academic year, representatives from the Memorial Union Student Activities Office staff will meet with the leadership of each recognized student organization/group to determine or review the leadership positions that fall under the guidelines of this policy. The official list of leadership positions will be kept in the Memorial Union Student Activities Office. On an annual basis the leadership and advisor of the organization/group shall review the list of leadership positions for accuracy and relevancy and submit any changes to the Memorial Union Student Activities Office staff. Each semester, the organization/group adviser shall be responsible for administering an eligibility participation check on the identified leadership positions for the organizations/groups that they advise.


Appeal Process
The Vice President for Student Affairs has delegated authority for the administration of the policy and the appeal process to the Dean of Student Life.  The eligibility appeal process will begin with a student submitting an eligibility appeal request to the Dean of Student Life.  The Dean of Student Life will assemble one person from the Division of Student Affairs; a member of Student Court, preferably the Chief Justice; and a representative familiar with academic records to review the eligibility request, using the guidelines/criteria listed below.  In the event that one of the above designated members has a conflict of interest, the Dean of Student Life will identify another individual from the University to serve on the committee reviewing the eligibility request.  This committee will forward their recommendation to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  The Vice President for Student Affairs will inform the student of the decision.


Administrative Clarification of Policy Intent
The purpose of this policy is to communicate the academic standards and behavior guidelines that are expected of students holding leadership positions at North Dakota State University.  It is intended to redirect the use of a student's time toward academic performance and good citizenship as opposed to an expenditure of time in a co-curricular leadership role. 

Graduate students
Graduate students must be enrolled for and maintain a minimum of six (6) semester credits during the term of participation and have successfully completed six (6) credits from the most previous semester.

When eligibility to participate is being checked, if a student has been on a co-op or internship experience during the most previous semester, the semester previous to the co-op or internship should be examined for credit load and cumulative grade point average.


Recommended Guidelines/Criteria for making a decision regarding an appeal:

  1. Does the student exhibit a history/pattern of poor academic achievement?
  2. Does the student exhibit a pattern of unhealthy/inappropriate behavior?
  3. Does the student present extenuating circumstances as a basis for poor academic achievement or poor conduct standing?
  4. Does the student provide a logical and reasonable rationale for why they should continue to hold a leadership position?
  5. Given the answers to questions 1-4 is this the kind of situation which the eligibility policy was intended to address?


Revised 7-01-04

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