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Greek Life Initiative and Action Plan

NDSU recognizes the value of fraternity and sorority involvement as an opportunity for students to grow and develop. NDSU also recognizes the contributions made by theses groups towards the development of a sense of community within the University, and the responsibility assumed by NDSU as well as other chapter membership and leadership for the Greek System. It is out of these beliefs that the Statement of Relationship and Expectations between North Dakota State University and the Greek Chapters arose.

In a desire to review this relationship and address growing concerns within the Greek Life Community, a discussion group, comprised of faculty, staff, administration, and students both within and outside of the Greek Community, was started in September of 1999. Original recommendations for change were made on October 23, 2000, and these recommendations were revised to reflect suggestions and feedback from students within the Greek System in the final revisions which were outlined on April 23, 2001. The purpose of this document is to address in concise format those changes in relationship and responsibility which pertain to the functioning of the Greek Life System at North Dakota State University.

  1. An ongoing dialogue will occur at least four times a year between administrators and Greek Life leaders in order to strengthen the relationship between these two groups. This dialogue can be incorporated into the Greek President's Round Tables, and should include people from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Life, and the University Police, where appropriate.
  2. The University will continue its commitment to the Greek Life System by providing administrative support and services to the Greek organizations and their activities, primarily through the Student Activities Office of the Memorial Union. Initial description of the role and extent of this support will lie in the Statement of Relationship and Expectations between NDSU and the Greek Chapters, but enhancement of this relationship will occur through the provision of sponsorship including, but not limited to: <//span>

    • An NDSU funded Greek Life promotional brochure, developed by representatives from Panhellenic Council and IFC.
    • One Greek endorsed NDSU sponsored program per semester, and<//span>
    • A newsletter to the NDSU faculty, staff, and administration, distributed once each semester, which will provide periodic updates about the activities and accomplishments of Greek Life organizations and individuals. Future distribution may include chapter headquarters, alumni advisors, NDSU Greek Alumni, the entire student body, or other entities identified by Greek Governance and the University. Opportunities for electronic distribution will be utilized as it is possible.
    • Surplus computers for Greek Life usage and office space, along with outdoor picnics and a direct Greek Life link from the NDSU home page will be seriously pursued. <//span>
    • Implementation of a full-time Greek Life Advisor will need further discussions along with major financial backing. Nevertheless, these items will be discussed and explored. <//span>

  3. A permanent Greek Life Advisory Council will be established, in consultation with the Greek Life Advisor and the Greek Presidents. This group shall meet every six weeks and shall have representation from faculty, staff, alumni and students. <//span>
  4. Eligibility requirements for members in Greek organizations will be amended to include an expectation that the average GPA for the Greek Chapters be maintained at a 2.5, recognizing that each chapter and national office has established a minimum GPA for membership that is in line with the recommended NDSU standard, and that this standard is something that Greek Organizations can take great pride in promoting to the campus community. <//span>
  5. All Greek organizations will have an active, trained NDSU faculty/staff advisor, as well as an alternate, prior to the beginning of each academic year. A mandatory annual training for all Greek Life officers and advisors regarding issues pertaining to Greek organizations responsibilities, liability issues, and appropriate party management will be provided each semester as a joint effort between IFC, Panhellenic Council, Chapter Presidents, Student Activities Staff, and other Student Affairs personnel as deemed appropriate. Alumni advisors will be invited and strongly encouraged to attend the above training program. <//span>

6.       It is the expectation of the University to have substance-free housing functionally implemented in all of the Greek chapters prior to Fall Semester 2003. Substance-free housing is defined by the University as follows: No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted in common areas of chapter property at any time. Members who are 21 years of age may consume alcohol in the privacy of their rooms with no more than three guests who are also 21 years of age or older. All Greek chapters will establish a plan to go dry prior to this time frame, and these plans must be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Memorial Union and the NDSU Greek Life Advisor. Parameter for phasing in substance-free housing are as follows:

    • or the academic year 2001-2002, all Greek chapters will be allowed to pre-select two events in consultation with the NDSU Greek Advisor at which alcohol will be allowed. Events must be identified at least two weeks in advance, and all risk-management policies must be fully enforced during these events. Any violations of law and/or "A Code of Student Behavior" as a result of these events will result in chapters having to go dry completely and immediately.
    • Aside from the two above described events, as of <//span>August 20, 2001, all common areas within the chapter house must be alcohol free at all times, and all social events held at the chapter houses will be substance-free. Events at which alcohol is to be consumed will be held in a licensed establishment that will provide trained servers and assume responsibility for serving alcohol in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Failure to adhere to this alcohol/other drug free social event expectation will result in chapters having to go dry at an earlier date established by NDSU.
    • During the 2002-2003 school year, there will be a continued extensive educational component that will focus on changing the culture that has surrounded use of alcohol within the chapter houses. Although there will be no alcohol allowed in common areas or at any social events by Fall 2002, this educational component is a crucial part of the functional implementation of substance-free housing, and will act as the final phase-in portion of the substance-free housing element. <//span>

Specific steps for phasing in substance-free housing may be developed in consultation with the NDSU Greek Life Advisor, based on individual chapter needs. All chapters are held responsible for enforcing all the guidelines stipulated within this document, as well as those stated in the Code of Student Behavior, and the NDSU Greek Alcohol Policy. Consequence for failure to abide by NDSU expectations may include jeopardizing the relationship(s) between NDSU and the respective organization(s).

Any violations of the alcohol policy may result in a two-step enforcement policy. The first violation may result in a disciplinary probation. Based on the severity of the situation following a single violation, the chapter may also be required to go completely dry immediately, including the private rooms of those members who are of legal age. A second violation within a four-year period will result in requiring the chapter to go completely dry with no exceptions provided.

7.       The University will consider releasing pledged first-year students from University Housing at the semester break, providing that:

    • The chapter pledge is in good standing with NDSU.
    • The chapter pledge has either continuous on-site advisor supervision or close weekly supervisory meetings between chapter leadership and advisors who have completed the official advisor training program provided by NDSU, and that the pledge: <//span>

      • Has maintained a cumulative 2.5 GPA throughout the student's stay at NDSU (for those pledges who are in the first term at NDSU, all such releases will be conditional pending receipt of that term's grades). <//span>
      • Remains in good behavior standing with NDSU. <//span>
      • Has obtained written permission to move into a chapter from parents or legal guardians, if the pledge is under the age of 19, and <//span>
      • Has chosen to live in a chapter that has fully implemented their substance-free housing plan, according to the definition of substance-free housing identified in initiative #6.<//span>

    • The chapter has demonstrated a commitment to providing a positive learning environment by including one or more of the following:<//span>

      • Holding regularly sponsored and required study-hall sessions. <//span>
      • Actively soliciting mid-term grades for all Chapter members. <//span>
      • Sponsoring programs related to scholarship, study skills, time management, and the like, and/or <//span>
      • Other programs approved by the Greek Life Advisor.

8.       To establish a close working relationship with the NDSU Police Department, a representative of the NDSU Police and/or the Fargo Police will be invited to the Greek President's Meeting.

9.       The majority of the executive officers will be required to live in the chapter houses. These "key executive officers" will be identified by each Greek chapter on an annual basis. A current listing will be maintained by the Student Activities Staff.

10.   A mandatory annual chapter review process in which each chapter's status with respect to leadership, scholarship, and service are critically examined will be adopted. The IFC and Panhellenic Council leadership, along with the Chapter Presidents and Greek Advisor, will set the standard for the review process. The existing annual report process will be incorporated into this review.

These initiatives will be reviewed and evaluated in the Fall of 2006 to determine the effect implementation has had on the Greek Community. A group that may include representatives from the Greek Life Advisory Council, IFC, Panhellenic Council, Chapter Presidents, interested alumni and University Administration will evaluate and propose any adjustments to these recommendations that will ensure the continued growth and success of the NDSU Greek Community.

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