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Fraternity & Sorority Life FAQ

Entrance into a post secondary institution is a fun and exciting time in your student’s life. The experience gained by living on their own as they transition into a professional career is extremely important. Involvement through campus also provides educational life experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom. North Dakota State University offers many avenues for students to transition into college life by getting involved in the university and general community, while promoting academic success.

North Dakota State University’s Fraternity & Sorority Life can be one of the best decisions a student can make when at campus. The Greek students have access to many leadership, educational, and community service opportunities that will help shape your student into a well-rounded, successful and capable individual upon graduation. The NDSU Fraternity & Sorority Life Community has sustained a reputation for producing quality intellectuals who are experienced leaders. Following is an introduction into the Greek Life community here at NDSU. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life or the Student Activities Office.

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The fraternity and sorority community at North Dakota State University has consistently held higher grade point averages than their non-Greek counterparts. All of the chapters on campus are required to ascribe to a 2.5 minimum cumulative and semester GPA, which has been outlined in the Fraternity & Sorority Life Initiatives. All chapters require a minimum GPA set forth by the local chapter or their national organization. If a member/chapter falls below the minimum grade point average, one of a series of things may happen including academic help from either the chapter or university up to expulsion from chapter or academic probation for the entire chapter. That said, there are many outlets that are proven aides for academic success.

Fall 2017 Greek Grade Report


North Dakota State University has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing. Hazing includes any activity that subjects both Greek and non-affiliate students to harassment, ridicule, intimidation, physical exhaustion, abuse, or mental distress. No chapter represented at NDSU incorporates the previous activities in their mission statements. Hazing has never been a corner stone for the foundation of any Greek organization. If you believe an incident of hazing has occurred, or you have any concerns regarding hazing, please contact the Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

NDSU's Policy Statement on hazing


Like most organizations students are involved in, there are financial obligations when joining and participating in a Greek organization. The fees are usually assessed bi-yearly, and are used for ongoing organizational maintenance along with room and board (if applicable). Each individual chapter has different financial responsibilities. Most chapters have a higher fee for those in the new member process and initiation phase of their membership. Specific financial information may be obtained by contacting the local chapters. Lastly, residing in a chapter house is comparable, financially speaking, to living in a residence hall, which tends to be cheaper than apartment living.

Time commitment

Participating in any worthwhile activity requires an investment of one’s time. On average, Fraternity & Sorority students contribute two to four hours per week for meeting and other mandatory activities. There are other optional activities that many students choose to take on, such as holding an office within the chapter, attending social events, and organizing/helping out with various projects. The amount of time will vary for every student.

Benefits of Fraternity & Sorority Involvement

The benefits of Fraternity & Sorority Life are far reaching, and can last beyond the collegiate years.

  • Fraternity & Sorority students have a greater opportunity to become leaders on campus, which will benefit their ability to direct along with their resumes.
  • The students are also more likely to provide service to their surrounding community though different philanthropies and volunteer opportunities.
  • Greek Life provides a large social foundation that helps students with their transition to NDSU.
  • Greek Organizations have many resources for academic success through scholarships, mandatory GPA requirements, and study hours.
  • Being Greek can provide of web of networking opportunities upon completion of the student’s degree.

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