Student Testimonials


"Everyone was very helpful and committed to helping me. They were all very kind. I was very satisfied with the visit."

"I went in thinking I would just get told I have a virus and that I just had to wait it out but I was so wrong. They went very in depth to treat my symptoms and I walked out feeling completely healthy again."

"You are all so nice and genuinely interested in my health. I felt very welcome."

"The health staff - receptionists, nurses (FNPs), the pharmacist - are always kind and helpful. Unlike other clinics I've been to, I don't feel like a burden when I have an appointment. They listen, answer questions, and provide useful suggestions/information...all with a smile!" 

"Enjoyed the communication between patient and provider. She explained my symptoms and why they are happening where I was able to understand why my body is acting this way. Very helpful!"

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