Please see our Billing/Insurance Information Sheet for a printable version of our billing process, insurance information and frequently asked questions. 

Prior to receiving care, students are responsible to contact their insurance company to verify coverage including, but not limited to, determining network status (in-network versus out of network), coverage for services, and referral requirements. It is important to verify this information with the insurance company as some policies state that if a student is further than 50 miles from home, or if utilizing a Student Health Center, that they will recognize that facility as in-network. If a referral is required, please provide this to Student Health Service so visits can be covered as in-network. All questions regarding a specific insurance policy should be directed to the insurance company. 


  • Current insurance information including front and back of card (a photo of this information is acceptable)
  • The policy holder's full name, address and date of birth

Without this information, we are unable to submit the claims to the insurance company. If the insurance information is not received within 3 business days from the date of service, all charges will be posted to the student's account. Any Customer Account Service (CAS) late fees incurred during this time will be the student's responsibility to pay.

For instructions on how to send us your insurance information, see our Insurance page. 

Insurance Claim Processing

Student Health Service (SHS) will submit health insurance claims for clinical services. Once the claim(s) have been submitted and processed through the insurance company, all patient responsibility charges will be posted to the student's account including co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance or any non-covered services. For more information on these insurance terms, please see the Insurance page. 

If a student does not wish to submit their claim to insurance, a Do Not File Insurance Form is available that the student must sign for each visit they do not want processed by insurance. Students who sign this form are responsible for 100% of all charges rendered during their visit (which is charged to the student's account). 

Fees for Services

An itemized statement of all charges will post to the student's online Portal once charges have been sent to the student's account. This can be found by logging into the Student Health Portal and clicking on the Statements tab. Once the statement is available, the date of service will be listed as a PDF for review. Student's should receive an email notification once this statement becomes available. 

Paying for Student Account Charges

Charges on the student's account can be paid via the following:

  • Online through Campus Connection with credit card (fees may apply) or banking information 
  • Cash or Check payments accepted at NDSU One Stop, located on the main floor of the Memorial Union
  • HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) payments accepted at NDSU Student Health Service by phone or in person

Balances that are more than 30 days past due are subject to a late payment fee from NDSU Customer Account Services. Past due balances may result in registration and/or transcript holds. 

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