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Student-Athlete Exit Interview

  1. Were you able to meet your goals as an athlete and a student?
  2. Did the overall experience meet your expectations?
  3. If you were being recruited from high school today, would you choose NDSU again?
  4. What is your reason for leaving NDSU?
  5. Quality of Medical/Athletic Training Services:
  6. Was the medical staff informative about your medical needs?
  7. Any improvements needed to be made in the quality of medical service provided by NDSU?
  8. Were you required or did you feel pressured to put in time beyong the NCAA allowable hours limits? (20 hours during season/8 hours out of season)
  9. Were you ever required to practice more than 20 hours per week?
  10. Were the time demands reasonable for your participation as a member of an intercollegiate team?
  11. Quality of the Strength/Speed/Conditioning Services
  12. Was the strength and conditioning coach available to meet your needs?
  13. Are there any improvements to better the athletes strength/speed/conditioning goals?
  14. Rate your overall experience with your head coach:
  15. Does your coach exhibit care and concern for your health and welfare?
  16. Does the team have respect for the Head Coach personally? Professionally?
  17. Does your head coach get the most out of the players?
  18. Was the head coach knowledgeable about the sport?
  19. Was the head coach available to you as needed?
  20. Are there any changes needed to improve the head coach and the student-athlete relationship?
  21. Overall, rate your experience with the assistant coach:
  22. Was the coach knowledgeable about the sport?
  23. Are there any improvements you can recommend, to better the assistant coach(es)?
  24. Was the assistant coach available to you?
  25. Did the assistant coaches support the head coach's goals and objectives?
  26. Did the assistant coaches exhibit care and concern for your health and welfare?
  27. Availability and quality of equipment services:
  28. Transportation availability and quality
  29. Are there any changes in the NDSU Athletics Department, which you would like to see?
  30. Rate your experience with the ACE (Academic Collegiate Enhancement)
  31. Were you required ACE hours?
  32. If yes, was it helpful to you?
  33. Rate the tutoring services provided by ACE
  34. Rate the usefulness of the grade checks conducted by ACE staff
  35. Rate the effectiveness of the Academic Meetings conducted at ACE
  36. Facilities
  37. Competition Schedule
  38. Team Travel
  39. Support Services
  40. Coaching Staff
  41. Budgets
  42. Publicity
  43. Is NDSU committed to providing equitable opportunities among all student-athletes without regard to race/nationality?
  44. Is the environment created within the athletic department at NDSU welcoming to minority and international student-athletes?
  45. Do you feel the athletic department has been supportive of minority and international student-athletes?
  46. Do you feel that the College's overall climate is friendly to minority and international students?
  47. Do you feel that professors, administrators, and staff act negatively toward you because of your race or nationality?
  48. Do you feel your coaching staff treats the minorities and/or international students on your team differently?
  49. Have you ever participated in any gambling activities while a student-athlete at NDSU?
  50. Do you know if any of your teammates and/or coaches participated in any gambling activities?
  51. Have you every witnessed and/or been part of any hazing while a student-athlete at NDSU?
  52. Have you heard of any hazing incidents while you were at NDSU?
  53. While a student athlete, have you participated in any alcohol use?
  54. While a student athlete, have you participated in any drug use?
  55. Do you know if any of your teammates participated in alchoholic activites?
  56. Do you know if any of your teammates participated in drug related activites?

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