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What Every Student Athlete Should Know...
about academics at NDSU

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Academic Issues


Who is my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is a faculty member in your major. Their role is to help you choose your classes each semester and track your degree progress and plan for graduation.  Advisor assignments are made toward the beginning of your first semester. You can access the name and contact information of your advisor on Campus Connection by clicking on "Academic Records" and "View My Advisor."

Can I change majors?

Yes. However, you should contact athletic academic support staff before submitting the paperwork. It is necessary to determine if you will remain eligible with your new major before the change is made.

Should I tell someone if I have or suspect I may have a disability?

The choice is yours, but we highly encourage you to work with the NDSU Disability Services office if you have or suspect you have a disability. If you suspect you have a disability, Disability Services staff can assist you in learning about the testing process. If you decide that the cost of being tested is prohibitive, please talk to athletic academic support services, as financial assistance may be available. Many students on campus deal with disabilities and having the proper support in place makes a big difference in their success.

What other academic support programs are available on campus?

There are many different academic support programs available to NDSU students. You can find information about these programs on the NDSU Academic Resources page.

Should I use ACE or TRiO tutors?

Both ACE and TRiO tutors offer academic assistance to NDSU students, though the services they offer are different in a few ways. ACE tutors work on a drop-in basis and often will facilitate group tutoring sessions. TRiO tutors are able to meet with students on a one-to-one basis and can provide more individualized attention. However, it is important to remember that students must meet certain guidelines to qualify for TRiO services (see question below). It is recommended that you work with the program that best meets your needs, whether that is ACE, TRiO or both! Click here for the ACE tutoring schedule

How do I know if I qualify for the TRiO program?

There are some general guidelines for qualifying for assistance through the TRiO program:
       1. Meeting certain financial guidelines
       2. Showing proof of a documented disability
       3. Being a first generation college student (neither parent has a four-year degree)
To find out if you meet these requirements, you can fill out a simple application form in Ceres 319.

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ACE Hours


Why do I have to complete mandatory ACE hours?

Student-athletes have a lot to balance with practices, traveling, classes, and homework. With all of the demands on your time, it can be easy to put off homework and studying. Your mandatory hours are an attempt by your coach to help you find the right balance to be a successful student and a successful athlete.

How can I get my mandatory hours reduced?

All teams have different standards regarding the number of ACE hours required of athletes. Please check with your coach to see what standards you need to meet to have your hours reduced.

How are ACE hours tracked?

ACE hours are tracked through a sign-in and sign-out process that begins on Sundays at 7:00pm and goes through Fridays at 4:00pm. Please note that you can NOT complete ACE hours for the preceding week on Sunday nights.

Who do I talk to if I can not get all of my hours done?

All variations in mandatory hours must be approved by your coaches.

Can I complete ACE hours outside of ACE?

Yes. You can receive ACE hours if you have an academic session outside of ACE (such as a review session, TRiO tutoring, etc.). In order to receive credit for this time, you must turn in a note with the date, time of attendance, and the instructor or tutor's signature. Signed notes can be turned in to your academic coordinator at ACE on Fridays by 5pm.

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Athlete Eligibility


Who do I call if I have questions about the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse?

Your first step is to contact the NCAA by calling 877-262-1492. If you still have questions, please call NDSU's Compliance Director, Colleen Heimstead, at 701-231-5696.

What NCAA eligibility standards do I have to meet in order to participate in athletics at NDSU?

Some general guidelines are available on our site on the NCAA Eligibility Reminders page.

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Athlete Responsibilities


What should I do if I am struggling in a class?

If you are struggling, you should always start with going to your professor. They can usually offer the most assistance. You can also visit with one of the athletic academic support staff if you have questions about other resources or need help starting the conversation with your professor.

What are my responsibilities for communicating with teachers?

You have primary responsibility for keeping your instructors informed of your travel schedule. It is extremely important to visit with each instructor before you leave and turn in any work prior to your departure. Failure to do so may result in not receiving credit for your work and/or being dropped from the course.

Do I need to attend class if the instructor does not take or require attendance?

YES. It is an Athletic Department policy that student-athletes are required to attend all classes. Failure to attend may affect your scholarship, as well as your ability to remain on the team.

Will I lose my scholarship if I don't maintain my NCAA eligibility?

While each case is handled individually, it is very likely that scholarships will be discontinued until eligibility is regained.

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Money Matters


Can I have a job while participating in athletics?

Yes. However, you should take into consideration that your time is very limited as you think about scheduling hours to work.

Who do I talk to if I run short of money?

Brigit Sprenger in Student Financial Services (Ceres Hall 202) handles all student-athlete financial aid.

Does my scholarship cover summer school?

Usually it does not. Please visit with your coach about individual circumstances.

What is a DCE class and why won't my athletic scholarship cover it?

Distance and Continuing Education (DCE) classes do not fall under the tuition cap. Athletic scholarship can only cover classes that fall under the normal tuition cap. Therefore, DCE classes will cost an extra $200+ per credit. Be sure to mention this to your advisor when you meet to discuss registering for classes.

If I lose my scholarship, can I qualify for financial aid?

Sometimes. Federal financial aid (Pell Grants, Stafford loans, etc.) have higher eligibility standards than the NCAA. If you lose your athletic scholarship due to academic ineligibility, chances are good that you will not qualify for federal aid.

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