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4 of 5 students report attending class at least 90 percent of the time.


Why should I make class attendance a priority?

  • Success in school starts with class attendance. Even though your professor may not take attendance, going to class should still be a priority for you if you want to get a good grade.
  • Learning is more effective when you receive it in multiple formats (e.g., lecture, reading, discussion). Don’t do just one.
  • Instructors cover material and make announcements in class that you will not get anywhere else.
  • Class time is study time. If you attend class, you may spend less time later studying for the exam because you already have a basic understanding of the content. Attending class means that you don’t have to make sense of the material on your own.

What can I do to make sure that I attend class and get the most out of my lectures?

  • Commit to only missing class if you are actually very sick or in case of emergency.
  • Set alarms to make sure you are up in time for class. Don’t hit snooze! 
  • Talk to your professor before and after class. Get feedback on a project, ask a question about a concept you are struggling to understand, or set up a time to visit them during office hours. Professors encourage students to engage with them in this manner.
  • Keep busy in class. Add to the discussion and take good notes while listening to the professor. Put away things that distract you such as your cellphone or laptop if you can’t refrain from browsing the web in class.

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