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9 of 10 NDSU students use a personal calendar to prioritize their academic work.


“Using a personal planner has helped keep my assignments on track.” –NDSU Student

How does having a calendar help keep me academically successful?

  • Using a planner helps you stay organized and aware of homework due dates, project deadlines, and test dates.

How can I get the most out of using my personal calendar?

  • At the beginning of the semester, pull all the due dates from your syllabi into your planner. That way, you have everything you need in one convenient place.
  • Use your planner to break down big assignments over multiple days or weeks. This way, you won’t end up cramming at the last minute or that big project or test won’t seem so daunting.
  • Make using your planner part of your daily routine. Set aside times during the day to check it (perhaps right away in the morning or at night), and if you can, carry it with you so that it is always on hand if you need to check a date or add something new.
  • Use color or stickers to help you organize certain subjects or events. Use a highlighter if something is really important.
  • Putting extracurricular events in your personal calendar is helpful too. This way you know when you might have to find different times to work on assignments or readjust your study time.
  • Some students flourish by making a to-do list each day and checking off tasks as they go. Reward yourself for completing your to-do list or items in your planner with a delicious snack, time with friends, or watch a movie.

Where can I get a personal planner?

  • The NDSU Bookstore has a variety of different planners unique for your personal style which available in a number of colors and styles. Whatever you get, make it your own.
  • NDSU freshmen receive a free NDSU planner at move-in. Upper classmen can purchase NDSU planners at the bookstore. NDSU planners already have many important dates listed, so this can save you time in the long run.


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