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NDSU students spend an average of 13 to 16 hours a week preparing for class.


What do you mean by ‘preparing for class’?

  • Preparing for class is anything that is done outside of class to ready oneself for the next class period. This could be reviewing notes, making flashcards, getting tutoring, completing homework, or reading the textbook.

How often should I be studying?

  • Most experts recommend spending two hours outside of class for each hour spent in class.  For a full-time student, this amounts to 20+ hours a week.
  • Make sure to plan breaks while you study. Generally, most experts believe that after studying for about an hour, a 5-10 break is acceptable in order to give your brain a bit of a break. Reward yourself for the time you put into studying with a snack, talking to a friend, or get up and stretch.
  • Avoid distractions while studying in order to get more out of the time you set aside. That way your entire focus can be on your work and you can get done faster. When you are finished, you will have free time to do what you want without that assignment looming over your head.

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