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A majority of NDSU students start studying at least three days before an exam.


What is the advantage of studying in advance?

  • Cramming for a test only works in short term memory.  Committing learning to long term memory takes time and repetition. Your brain needs to be trained to retain the information and the more your review and practice, the longer it will stick.
  • This is the same concept and practicing for a sport. You can’t expect yourself to be ready to run a marathon if you start training the night before. To perform well, you train each day to be able to do well the day of the race.

How can I study efficiently?

  • Break down the materials you need to study into manageable chunks (e.g., Day 1-Review Chapter 1, Day 2-Review Chapter 2, etc.). Each day, also take a little time to review what you studied the day before. By the time you get to the night before the exam, you should be simply able to do one final review and feel prepared to take the exam!
  • To make this process even simpler, always review a little before and after class. This keeps the material fresh in your mind and shortens the amount of time spent cramming or reviewing right before the test.
  • Meet with a professor, tutor, or classmate to ask any final questions you might have. If there is a review session offered, always attend—you will get information there that you won’t get anywhere else.

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