Campbell Island

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Campbell Island: 52 55'S, 169 15'E

  • Area: 113 km²
  • Physical features: Campbell Island is a remnant of a dissected volcanic dome. Steep cliffs dominate the western shores, while the east coast is broken by several large inlets. Terrain is hilly, with deep gullies and numerous streams.
  • There are a number of offlying islets including: Jacquemart Island, Dent Island and Île de Jeanette Marie.
  • The island lies midway between the Subtropical and Antarctic Convergences. Climate is characterized by strong westerly winds, 60-70% humidity, rainfall of 1250 mm/yr, and mean annual temperature of about 6C.
  • Historical features: The island was discovered by the sealer Hasselburg in 1810. Sealing continued into the 1830s, by which time stocks were very depleted. Whaling operations also occurred around 1909-1914.
  • A war time coast-watching station was manned from 1941 to 1945. The station was subsequently taken over as a meteorological base.
  • There are no permanent residents
  • New Zealand territory, part of the Province of Southland.