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Advising Contacts by College


The contacts below can provide information if you are thinking about changing to a different major or college. For advising in your major area, you should contact your assigned advisor as listed on your Student Center page in Campus Connection.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources


David S. Buchanan, Associate Dean

315 Morrill, 701-231-7426

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Linda Fricker, Academic Advisor

102A Putnam, 701-231-9763


For information about architecture and landscape architecture:

Stacy Jordet, Academic Advisor

108B Klai Hall, 701-231-86154

College of Business


If your last name begins with the letter A - F, contact:

Kate Gronewold, Academic Advisor

100C Richard H. Barry Hall, 701-231-8480


If your last name begins with the letter G - L, contact:

Kay Hopkins, Academic Advisor

100B Richard H. Barry Hall, 701-231-8826


If your last name begins with the letter L - R, contact::

Susan Council, Senior Academic Advisor

100A Richard H. Barry Hall, 701-231-8807


If your last name begins with the letter S - Z, contact::

Tayt Rinehardt, Academic Advisor

100D Richard H. Barry Hall, 701-231-8358 

College of Engineering


For information about engineering:

Joel Hanson, Student Support Center Director

101 Engineering Administration, 701-231-9676 

College of Human Development and Education

To see which advisor to contact for information about a specific major, check out the major links at

Robert Dirk, Academic Advisor

270C E. Morrow Lebedeff (EML) Hall, 701-231-9848


Connie Eggers, Academic Advisor

270B E. Morrow Lebedeff (EML) Hall, 701-231-9847

College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences

For information about nursing:

Margaret Lee, Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Coordinator

222H Sudro, 701-231-7746


For information on Respiratory Care, Radiologic Sciences or Clinical Lab Science:

Angie Walswick, Academic Advisor/Lecturer

118T Sudro, 701-231-6656


Fo information about pharmacy:

Daniel Friesner, Interim Associate Dean for Student Affairs

123 Sudro, 701-231-9505

College of Science and Mathematics

For information about Computer Science:

Joan Krush, Advisor/Lecturer

258 Industrial Agriculture and Communications Center (IACC), 701-231-5799


For information about all other majors in the College of Science and Mathematics:

Julie Schroer, Advisor/Lecturer

209G Geosciences Hall, 701-231-9789

College of University Studies

Pam Hommen, Administrative Assistant

112 Morrill, 701-231-7014



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