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Prepare yourself to find a job before you graduate

How would you feel if you knew exactly how to find a job before you graduate? Many students have been able to do just that.  Whether it's working part-time for the company of your dreams, volunteering for the company, or even getting a paid internship for your favorite company every year you're at NDSU, you can do it.

Some students wait till their senior year, and others try to find jobs that will just pay them fast money but has nothing to do with their career.  Will you keep doing what other students do to find a job?  Or, will you get creative, get started, and  take action on some of the resources you are about to discover to stand out above the crowd? 

Action steps to take now:

  1. Plan out your career from start to finish!
  2. Start working on your resume now!
  3. Go to the one place you can find all sorts of jobs!


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