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Discover other majors at NDSU

You may have found your way here because you are questioning whether or not your current major is the one for you.  Or, maybe you were not able to get into the professional school of your choice.  Don't worry, there are 102 bachelor programs, 79 minor programs, 63 masters programs, and 44 doctoral progams at NDSU. You will find what you need, right here at NDSU.

Action steps to take now:

  1. Explore the many different majors and degrees at NDSU
  2. Discover effective tips on how to choose a major
  3. Find job titles by major
  4. Examine what you can do with your major
  5. If you still can't decide, try this!
  6. Read the NDSU Annual Employment Report
  7. Study abroad!
  8. Visit the Advising Resource Center


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