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5-Digit Dialing Service - Campuses, University System Offices, and State Government Offices

From campus, individuals can call other campuses, University System Offices, and ND State Government offices in Bismarck (328 prefix; 701-328-xxxx) by dialing five digits.  It works just like telephoning an extension on campus.  In addition, calls to non-328 prefix State Government offices, located throughout ND, will not require an authorization code or incur long distance charges.  To reach these offices dial all 10-digits (701-xxx-xxxx); there is no need to dial 9 and 1 first.

Below is a table that shows the campuses and offices which currently have this service and the first of the five digits used to call each (xxxx represents the local campus/government office extension).  In the example 7-1234, 7 is the first digit to call UND and 1234 is the local extension at UND:

Campus    Dial     
Dakota College Bottineau (DCB)2-xxxx
Lake Region State College (LRSC)2-xxxx
Mayville State University (MaSU)3-xxxx
North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS)     3-xxxx
North Dakota State Government (Bismarck 328 #s)  8-xxxx
North Dakota State University (NDSU)1-xxxx

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center (DREC)

NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health/Bismarck4-xxxx
North Dakota University System Office (NDUS - Bismarck 328 #s)  8-xxxx
University of North Dakota (UND)7-xxxx
Valley City State University (VCSU)3-xxxx

This system utilizes advanced VoIP trunk technology in conjunction with the North Dakota STAGEnet network, and respective long distance costs have been included in the existing monthly communications rate.  The connection between University System campuses and University System Offices  to State Government offices is significant in that State Government owns the same Avaya telephone platform as NDSU, allowing for seamless integration.  Design engineering for VoIP 5-digit dialing to additional University System campuses has already begun.

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