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Bison Lines - Personal Long Distance Access

Bison Lines is a long distance service offered by NDSU to students, faculty, and staff.  With Bison Lines, you can dial direct from any campus phone to friends and family without the hassle or expense of a calling card or operator assistance.

7ยข per minute


Anywhere in the US.

The same rate all day, every day.

To sign up for Bison Lines long distance, please stop by our office in the Thorson Maintenance Center.  Bison Lines is a simple plan:

No monthly fees.
Unlimited number of minutes.
Personal, private authorization code.
Individualized billing.  For faculty and staff, payment is through automatic payroll deduction.
For students, it is active and ready to use when you check in.
No 800 access number to call.
No hidden fees.


Here's How it Works

BisonLines Long Distance Service

New students will receive a BisonLines information packet when they move into the residence halls. If you don't receive a packet, contact Telecommunications at 1-8401.

Returning students will use their last year's BisonLines authorization code.  If you don't remember your code, contact Telecommunications at 1-8401.

University Village and Bison Court residents will receive their BisonLines authorization code when they apply for telephone service.

Follow the dialing instructions.


If you lose your authorization code, call University Telecommunications, 1-8401, to terminate your old code and get a new one.


Monthly Invoicing Payment

BisonLines telephone statements are now on-line at: Contact Telecommunications at 1-8401 for assistance viewing your statements.

It is important to pay your bill by the due date each month at the Business Office, Old Main, Room 101, in person or through campus mail.  For proper credit, include your remittance slip with your payment.  NDSU will restrict your long distance, dial tone and/or voice mail in the event of late payment.  Outstanding balances not paid within 30 days will be charged a 1% finance charge by the Business Office.


Unauthorized Use

Remember that your authorization code is confidential. If anyone else uses the code, you are liable for the charges. NDSU is not responsible for unauthorized use of your authorization code.

Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling 1-8401.

If you choose not to use BisonLines long distance, please contact Telecommunications to terminate your code.


Bison Lines Rates

Within the USA (Domestic)

Per Minute

All Times/All Days

$ .07


Canada Calls

7 a.m. - 6:59 p.m.

$ .15

7 p.m. - 6:59 a.m.





Directory Assistance

Billed at actual telephone company rates


International Calling

All times

Discounted AT&T direct dial rates

  (Contact our office for individual country rates)

Credit Limit

A $250 credit limit has been extended to each student account.  You may change this credit limit at any time, as often as you like.  If you exceed your credit limit, your BisonLines code will be inactivated until your credit limit has been re-established.  Contact Telecommunications at 1-8401 to reinstate your account.

While the university has established a system to enforce credit limit control, there are occasions when the system could be out of service for a short period of time.  If the system is out of service, calls will be collected and included on your bill, regardless of credit limit status.


Dialing Instructions

On Campus: Dial 1 + the last four digits of the number (1-XXXX)


Local Calls: Dial 9 + the number


Long Distance Calls: Domestic and Canada Dial 9 + 1 + 701 + the number, wait for beeps and then a dial tone, then dial your authorization code



International Long Distance: Dial 9 + 011 + country code/city code/route code + the number, press the # sign, wait for beeps and then a dial tone, then dial your authorization code


To Dial A Toll-Free Number: Dial 9 + 1 + 8XX + the number


Directory Assistance

Local and within area code: Billed at actual telephone company rates. Dial 9 + 1 + 701 + 555-1212, listen for the beeps and then the dial tone, then dial your authorization code. Outside area code Billed at actual telephone company rates. Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212, listen for the beeps and then the dial tone, then dial your authorization code

Operator Assistance:

Local (US West) - 9 + 0 AT&T - 9 + 0 + 0 To reach the campus operator: Dial 0



Lost or Stolen Authorization Codes

Report lost or stolen authorization codes to University Telecommunications IMMEDIATELY. 1-8401.

NDSU is NOT liable for unauthorized use of your code!


Telephone Features

Call Waiting: To answer a 1- or 2- beep Call Waiting signal: Depress the switchhook or flash/phone button, hear recall dial tone, dial *4, begin talking immediately to the second caller. To return to the first caller, depress switchhook or flash/phone button, hear recall dial tone, dial *4, begin talking immediately.


Data Privacy: To prevent Call Waiting tones on your telephone line (when using a computer or modem), listen for dial tone, dial #50, dial number. (Requires activation for each call; cannot be activated during a call.) This feature is automatically canceled when you hang up.


Last Number Redial: To have the system automatically redial the last number you called: Listen for dial tone, dial #73, wait for answer. (Will not redial your authorization code.)


3-Way Calling: To add a third party: Depress the switchhook or flash/phone button, hear recall dial tone, dial the third party, allow to answer, depress switchhook or flash/phone button, introduce parties, begin talking. If you receive a busy, no answer or recording, to release the third party, depress the switchhook or flash/phone button twice.


Telephone Tones:

  • Dial tone. A continuous steady tone (you can dial)
  • Recall dial tone. Three short tones followed by dial tone (switchhook properly depressed, proceed)
  • Confirmation tone. Three short tones then silence (action accepted, proceed)
  • Reorder tone. A "fast busy" tone (all lines are busy, try again later)
  • Siren tone.  Alternating high and low "siren" tone (dialing error made, feature denied, non-working number, late pay or reached your calling credit limit)
  • Reorder tone.  A "fast busy" tone (all lines are busy, try again later).
  • Stutter dial tone.  Seven short tones followed by dial tone.  (Indicates you have a new message(s) in your voice mailbox.)
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Trouble Shooting

For problems with your authorization code or telephone service, contact University Telecommunications at 1-8401.

If you have used an invalid authorization code, or dialed a non-working campus number, you will hear a siren tone. Please hang up and check the number you are dialing or that you have dialed your authorization code correctly. You will also hear a siren tone if you have reached your calling credit limit or are past due in payment.


Important Phone Numbers

In an emergency: Dial 911 and stay on the line

Campus Police:

BisonLines University Telecommunications:
(800) 643-7242 (toll free)
(701) 231-8401 (long distance)
231-8401 (local)
1-8401 (on campus)

 Relay North Dakota

1-800-366-6888 (TTY)  or 1-800-366-6889 (Voice)


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