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NDSU Telephone Administrators

Here is the list of telephone administrators by department.  These individuals provide direct services to NDSU departments for all telecommunications needs.  They are the first contact for any new requests, changes, troubles, etc.       

Department Building Telephone Administrator Phone # E-mail Address
Accounting Old Main Renee Kapaun 1-7325
Accounting Information Systems Barry Hall Karen Johnson 1-5845
Accreditation Assessment Morrill Melissa Lamp (VPAA)* 1-6133
Admissions Ceres Crystal Mosher 1-7134
Admissions Ceres Penny Hoesel 1-7310
Ag & Biosystems Engr Ag Engr Melanie Ziegler 1-7261
Ag Admin Fac. Service Center AES Greenhouse Julie Hochhalter 1-5577
Ag Budget Office Morrill Angela Scott 1-7739
Ag Communication Morrill Agnes Vernon 1-7409
Agri-Bus & Applied Econ Barry Hall Edie Nelson* 1-7441
Alumni/Development Alumni Julie Wanzek 1-6803
Animal & Range Hultz Megan Kortie* 1-7641
Apparel Design, Fac & Hsptlty Mgmt EML Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
Architecture Klai Hall Teresa Enderson* 1-6151
Architecture Renaissance Teresa Enderson* 1-6151
Athletics Gem Bldg Nancy Erickson 1-7447
Attorney/General Councel Putnam Emily Moench 1-8741
Biochemistry Loftsgard Jeff Scholl* (Chemistry) 1-8702
Biological Sciences Stevens Wendy Leach 1-7087
Bison Connection Memorial Union Linda Murphy 1-0350
Bookstore Barry Hall Diane Wadholm* 1-5671
Bookstore Memorial Union Diane Wadholm* 1-5671
Business Adm. Barry Hall Barb Geeslin 1-8805
Career Center Ceres Larissa Kunde 1-8467
Career Center Ceres Bridget Kessler 1-7111
Center for Child Development EML Jill Spacek (HR/Payroll)* 1-8525
Center for Community Vitality Minard Cynthia Selstedt* 1-5803
Center for Science & Math Geosciences Ryan Niemann 1-6727 
Center of Global Initiatives Barry Hall Wendy Baumann 1-7006
Cereal & Food Sciences Quentin Burdick Bldg Eileen Buringrud (Plant Sci)* 1-7973
Cereal Science Harris Eileen Buringrud (Plant Sci)* 1-7973
Chemistry Ladd Jeff Scholl* 1-8702
Civil Eng. C&IE Jan Lofberg 1-7244
Coatings & Polymeric Materials Research 1 Jacinda Wollan 1-7633
Coatings & Polymeric Materials Research 1 Kathy Backen-Andersen 1-7634
Communications Minard Kelly Paynter 1-7705
Computer Science Quentin Burdick Bldg Carole Huber 1-6513
Construction Mgement. CME Ingrid Scarski 1-7879
Counseling  Ceres Ashley Harris 1-7089
Criminal Justice & Political Sci Criminal Justice Bldg Ann Fredrickson 1-8567
Customer Account Services Old Main Sandy Klemetson 1-9724
Dean Agriculture Morrill Lorie Herbel 1-7656
Dining - Memorial Union Memorial Union Lynne Tanberg-Reski 1-8122
Dining - Memorial Union Memorial Union Nancy Naylor 1-8076
Dining - RDC RDC Dawn Holm 1-9526
Dining - WDC WDC Mary Marto 1-7023
Dining Services Bison Court East Kim Dienslake 1-7001
Directors Office Morrill Lorie Herbel 1-7656
Disability Services Wallman Wellness Judy DuBois 1-7089
DREC Dickinson Mike Strode 2-1125
ECTC   Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
Electrical Engr EE Laura Dallmann 1-7607
Eng. & Arch-Dean Engr Adm Sheri Eberle 1-7494
English Minard Margaret Skolness* 1-7887
English Minard Michele Sherman* 1-9606
Enrollment Management Ceres Krisanne Mogck 1-8380
Entomology Hultz Diane Pennington 1-7582
Equity & Diversity Center Alba Bales Tamera Blanich (Ofc  of Multicultural)* 1-1029
Ext 4-H Youth Development FLC Holly Halvorson 1-9218
Ext Ag & Biosystems Engr Ag Engr Melanie Ziegler (Ag/Bio Eng)* 1-7261
Ext Ag & Natural Resources Morrill Brenda Vertin 1-7171
Ext Agri-Bus & Applied Econ Barry Hall Hall Paulann Haakenson 1-7393
Ext Animal & Range Sci. Hultz Megan Kortie (Ani Sci)* 1-7641
Ext CDFS   Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
Ext County Programs Morrill Brenda Vertin 1-7171
Ext Directors Office Morrill Lori Lymburner 1-8944
Ext Family & Consumer Sci Morrill Kris Holt 1-9688
Ext Pesticide Program Walster Jayne Aukland 1-6388
Ext Plant Sciences   Eileen Buringrud (Plant Sci)* 1-7973
Facilities Management Thorson Cheryl Cicha 1-7912
Fine Arts Music Ed Bill Law 1-7420
Fine Arts Music Ed Tracey Dahl 1-7833
Geosciences Stevens Kim Carlson 1-8455
Grad. School Putnam Robin Groberg 1-7346
Grant & Contract Accounting SGC Teresa Driscoll 1-8357
Group Decision Center Memorial Union Linda Charlton 1-6414
HDFS EML Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
HDFS/Councelor Ed SGC Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
HDFS-Students Grad Center Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
History/Religion Minard Jack Jackson 1-8654
HNES Bentson/Bunker Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
HNES EML Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
HR/Payroll SGC Jill Stevens 1-8961
Hum. & SS-Dean Minard Nancy Nelson* 1-8338
Human Dev./Ed.-Dean EML Peggy Cossette* 1-8211
IBID Research 1      
Ind & Manufacturing Engr C&IE Dawn Almaras 1-7287
Institutional Analysis Morrill Linda Dahlsad 1-8262
Interdisciplinary Grad Program Batcheller Tech Ctr Madonna Fitzgerald 1-6456
International Support Services Alba Bales Sue Wolter* 1-7895
Intl. Programs Memorial Union Sue Wolter* 1-7895
ITS Quentin Burdick Bldg Tran Brusberg 1-7961
ITS Quentin Burdick Bldg Sharon Brinker 1-7961
Library Library Alissa Kuntz 1-8897
Library Library Candy Skauge* 1-6505
Library Library Robin Hellman 1-8753
Math & Science-Dean Minard Nancy Suttle 1-7411
Mathematics Minard Melanie Milam 1-8171
Mech. Eng. Dolve Tiffany Neuharth 1-8671
Memorial Union-Director Memorial Union Ann Marschke 1-8241
Memorial Union-Director Memorial Union Paul Wraalstad 1-8236
Mgmt / Marketing & Finance Barry Hall Diane Axness 1-9407
Modern Languages Minard Margaret Skolness* 1-7887
Modern Languages Minard Michele Sherman* 1-9606
NCI NCI Linda Briggs 1-7736
ND Census Data Center Quentin Burdick Bldg Edie Nelson (Agri-Bus)* 1-7441
ND Crop Improvement Loftsgard Eileen Buringrud (Plant Sci)* 1-7973
ND EPSCoR Research 1 Kathy Wahlberg 1-8618
ND Inst. Reg. Studies Library Candy Skauge (Library)* 1-8352
ND Trade Office Barry Hall Lindsey Warner 1-1154
NDAWN  Waldron Rhonda Holzer (Ag Budget) 1-8118 
NDSCS Wahpeton Bruce Woytassek 3-2590
NDSCS STTC Fargo Ryan Hanson
NDSU Res Fnd/ Tech Transfer Office Research 1   1-6659  
Network Engineering & Operations Quentin Burdick Bldg Carla Wells 1-6224
Network Engineering & Operations Quentin Burdick Bldg Dave Dahl 1-7998
Network Engineering & Operations Quentin Burdick Bldg Val Nordsletten 1-8153
Nursing Sudro Jane Hagen 1-7395
Nursing @ Bismarck Bismarck Andi Howe 4-3804
Office of Multicultural Programs Memorial Union Amy Ochoa 1-1029
Office of Teaching and Learning FLC Jane Vandermeer 1-6438
Office of TRIO Ceres Tamara Blanich 1-7315
Orientation & Student Success Ceres Nancy Mueller 1-8379
Pharmaceutical Sciences Sudro Janet Krom 1-7661
Pharmacy-Dean Sudro Liz Frannea 1-7601
Pharmacy-Dean Sudro Lori Peterson 1-5383
Pharmacy Practice Sudro Jessica Plumley 1-7589
Physics S. Engr Patty Hartsoch 1-8974
Plant Pathology Walster Darla Bakko 1-8866
Plant Sciences Loftsgard Eileen Buringrud* 1-7973
Plant Sciences Loftsgard Louise Heinz 1-8163
President's Office Old Main Stephanie Wawers 1-7211
President's Office Old Main LaDonna DeGeldere* 1-8097
Print & Copy Services Morrill Diane Ness 1-2000
Provost/VPAA Old Main Melissa Lamp* 1-6133
Psychology Minard Debra McDonough 1-8607
Psychology Minard Janice Hanson 1-5676
Public Health Sudro Bonnie Hurner 1-6269
Public Health Sudro Angela Skaff 1-7238
Publication Services Library Mimi Monson* 1-1068
Purchasing Old Main Jane Busko 1-8346
Registration & Records Ceres Holly Doll 1-8507
Registration & Records Ceres Jodi Pierce 1-7988
Residence Life Bison Court East Tammy Helweg 1-7558
Residence Life Bison Court East Tandee Brakken 1-9437
ROTC-Aerospace Bentson/Bunker Jean Hagen 1-8186
ROTC-Military Science Bentson/Bunker Sharon James 1-7575
ROTC-Military Science Bentson/Bunker Shawn O'Donnell 1-5479
Rural Leadership ND Morrill Cynthia Selstedt 1-5803
School of Education EML Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
Sociology/Anthropology Minard Kate Ulmer 1-8657
Soil Science Walster Valerie Larson 1-8882
Spectrum Memorial Union Pauline Dunn 1-8929
State Seed Dept Johanson Kris Steussy 1-5410
State Seed Dept Johanson Mary Jane Volk 1-5403
Statistics Waldron Dawn Halle 1-7532
Student Activities Memorial Union Emily Carrow 1-7799
Student Financial Services Ceres Sandy Prudhomme 1-7095
Student Financial Services Ceres Tammy Fraase 1-7889
Student Health Wallman Wellness Terri Porter 1-6366
Student Life Memorial Union Mary Asheim 1-6537
Student Loan Service Center Bison Court East Kelly Bisek 1-9547
Teaching Support Center FLC Peggy Cossette (HD&E)* 1-8211
Telecom Thorson Cindy Kozojed 1-8431
Telecom Thorson Lisa Benz 1-5123
Telecom Thorson Jayme Pfeifer 1-5125
Telecom Thorson Nate Robideau 1-7151
Telecom Thorson Susan Jenstead 1-7199
Tri-College Renaissance Vicki Ihry 1-8170
UGPTI Quentin Burdick Bldg Kathy McCarthy 1-7767
UGPTI Quentin Burdick Bldg Susan Peterson 1-8793
University Police & Safety Office Aux Ent Stephanie Wegner 1-7759
University Relations Old Main Mimi Monson* 1-1068
University Studies Morrill Pam Hommen 1-7014
Vet Science Van Es Mary Moen 1-8307
Vet Science Van Es Sandy Erickson 1-7511
Visual Arts Renaissance Kelly Todd 1-8818
VP Agriculture Morrill Lorie Herbel 1-7656
VP Finance & Administration Old Main Gina Haugen 1-6177
VP Finance & Administration Old Main Kim Matzke-Ternes 1-7080
VP Research Research 1 Shanna Nelson 1-7380 
VP Student Affairs Old Main Joni Massey 1-7701
VP Student Affairs Old Main Amy Ochoa 1-8097
Wellness Center Wallman Wellness Kristin Ferris 1-5204
Women & Gender Study Morrill Nancy Nelson (Hum. & SS-Dean)* 1-8338

* indicates that this person is the telephone administrator for multiple departments

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