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What can telepharmacy do for my community?

The goal of the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project is to restore and retain pharmacy services in communities that have lost or are at risk of losing their pharmacy services. 

For rural communities, a telepharmacy means: 

  • local access to a pharmacist and pharmacy services 
  • safe, timely delivery of medications 
  • enhanced economic development through new businesses and added jobs 
  • better climate for recruiting and retaining health care providers 
  • increased potential for attracting new businesses and families to the community 

To date, the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project has added: 

  • a $500,000 per year business to the rural community 
  • an estimated total of $12 million to the state's rural economy 
  • an estimated 40 to 50 new jobs in the rural marketplace


"When we heard that our pharmacy was being sold and we'd lose it - that almost put us in a panic. A lot of our older people wouldn't be able to function without help from a pharmacist. Because of the medical facilities we have in our town, including the telepharmacy, many elderly have been able to stay in their homes longer than they might otherwise be able to."

Joe Bohlman, retired teacher
New England, North Dakota

Is a Telepharmacy Right for My Community?

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