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Project Title: Completion of NDSU CCBN Cluster

Award number: 0213
Project Leader: Stefan Balaz
Report Period: mid-year

Project Description:

A campus-wide resource for molecular modeling, the cluster of Silicon Graphics workstations, has been constructed in Sudro Hall using funding from the NIH BRIN project, subproject Computational Chemistry and Biology Network ­Â­ CCBN (six workstations, server, software) and the College of Pharmacy (remodeling, furniture). Hands-on workshops are being organized every 2-3 months for undergraduate/graduate students and faculty, to facilitate the use of sophisticated software.

TFAP funding was requested for the purchase of power back-up devices, a PC, a project or, a screen, and a color laser printer.

Progress toward Milestones:

Planned milestones and actual status:

  1. November 1, 2002: The start of the market research. Done on time.
  2. November 15, 2002: The orders for back-up devices, PC, projector, screen, and printer placed. Delayed due to the need to find the room in the College of Pharmacy for the battery back-up. Finished April 10, 2003. The screen ($1,555) and battery-back-up ($5,811) were ordered through Physical Plant (Trinka Rogne). The projector ($3,247) was ordered through ITS (Melissa Stotz), as a part of NDSU bulk purchase to lower the cost. Small emergency UPS ($1,396)was purchased separately.
    The equipment arrived by the end of June 2003.
  3. November 27, 2002. Installation of the equipment. Delayed due to the workload of Physical Plant workers. The order was placed on April 10, 2003. Installation of the screen started on September 8, 2003. Installation of the battery back-up started on September 11, 2003.


Anticipated expenses: installations - $2,500; PC - $2,500; printer - $3,500; toner
(1-year supply) - $500.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1514
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 0.00
YTD expenses: 12009.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 9791.00
Unspent amount: -21800.00

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