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Project Title: Expansion of Library Database Services

Award number: 0216
Project Leader: Nem Schlecht
Report Period: final

Project Description:

Upgrade and expand the current hardware for the NDSU Libraries database server, allowing for better performance and increased service offerings.

Progress toward Milestones:

The new server was purchased, installed, and is running perfectly. Users of Library services have already benefitted from a faster running portal service and new database services. One such service is the new NDSU Glass Plate Negatives exhibit from the NDSU Archives. This exhibit is a high resolution scanned collection of over 500 photos taken of NDSU buildings and events near the turn of the century. The entire collection is over 1 gigabyte in size, yet it is quickly and easily accessible with the new server. As a part of that project, we developed software to easily display and track photos. This same software may be used for additional photo galleries. The new database server is also integral part of much of the statistical gathering and analyzing that we do here in the Library. We track usage of journals (both online and offline), usage of our web site, usage of the ThinkNIC thin clients, usage of the SPIRS database, as well as several other services. Gathering and analyzing this data without this server would be nearly impossible, as the data sets are very large and the calculations done on them are complex. We are always looking for new projects to use this server for and since the machine is so powerful, we have not even started to stress its capabilities.


The server has continued to run perfectly since installation and will provide NDSU patrons with services for many years to come without need for replacement or expansion. This project went overbudget because of changes in the specification of the server from the vendor between the time the project was submitted and when it was ordered. However, the new server came with additional hard drive space and CPU power. In previous technology fee grants that I have received, I have always been as diligent as possible in spending as little as possible, so I had additional funds available to compensate for the change.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1527
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 3300.00
YTD expenses: 3677.57
Anticipated remaining expenses: 0.00
Unspent amount: -377.57

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