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Project Title: Blackboard Student Support Services

Award number: 0210
Project Leader: Elizabeth SmithReport
Period: final

Project Description:
Progress toward Milestones:

The intent of this project was to extend support for Blackboard through a
joint venture with the Technology Learning Center and ITS Learning
Technologies by offering walk-in support and workshops for students on
accessing and using Blackboard. At the time the project was proposed, it
was anticipated that students would need additional Blackboard support, in
particular because NDSU was upgrading to a new version.
Results from an informal student survey on Blackboard indicated that
support needs for the 2003-2003 school year were not as great as we had
anticipated. Of the 410 students who responded to the survey, 95%
indicated they did not have problems logging into Blackboard. Over half of
the respondents reported they never needed (technical) assistance with
Blackboard. Of the students who indicated they did require assistance,
only 2% sought support at the TLC - most students needing assistance
either went to the ITS Help Desk sought help from their peers. Nearly 90%
of the students reported that it took them less than 30 minutes to learn
how to use Blackboard, and the majority of students feel comfortable using Blackboard within a week.

Funding Summary:
NDSU fund number:
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 4752.00
YTD expenses: 0.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 0.00
Unspent amount: 4752.00

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