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Technology Fee Awards Announcement

Technology Fee Awards Announcement
Fall 2003

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee (TFAC) received sixteen proposals requesting a total of $401,169 in the Fall Call for Proposals. On October 20, TFAC met, using the GDC to examine all requests. The proposals were considered twice. The first time, they were all discussed using the GDC technology in the order that they were received with no formal motions and without regard to budget. The comments from this discussion on each proposal were later sent to its author.

After the disussion, the committee members ranked the proposals individually using a ten-point scale. Next the committee discussed each proposals a second time with formal motions in the order that they were ranked and with attention to budget.

Based on the recommendations by the TFAC, Provost Schnell approved the following proposals.

  • 0314 Using the PDA for Curriculum Enhancement, Dean Gross, $9,306.00
    Requests funds for 11 PDA devices and software. Provides method in which to collect data about student /clients encounters
    Mid-year Report
    Final Report
  • 0317 Instrumentation of four Fundamentals of Public Speaking Basic Course Classrooms, Deanna Sellnow, $28,160.00
    Requests funds for four instrumented classrooms (two were funded)
    Mid-year Report
    Final Report
  • 0318 Classical Music Internet Service, Mark England, $1,000.00
    Provides for an initial license fee to provide a Classical Music Library over the internet. Three simultaneous users could access recordings at a time.
    Mid-year Report
    Final Report
  • 0322 Student Awareness and Education for Safe Computing Practices, Theresa Semmens, $14,125.00
    Funds a project aimed at educating students about IT security and safe computing practices
    Final Report
  • 0324 Technology Upgrade Proposal for Van Es 105-107, Microbiology Teaching Lab, Douglas Freeman, $12,000.00
    Requests funds to install the 2nd half of Microbiology lab as an instrumented teaching environment
    Final Report
  • 0325 Upgrade Computer Equipment for Student Use in the Center for Writers, Richard Shaw, $5,319.00
    Requests funds to replace old computer systems with more current systems (adds scanner and printer)
    Mid-year Report
    Final Report
  • 0328 Clinical Software Product, Barbara Lonbanken, $5,000.00
    Provides for updating software to the Student Health Service to manage health information and is compliant with HIPAA
    Mid-year Report
    Intermediate Report

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