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Project Title: Instrumentation of four Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Award number: 0317
Project Leader: Deanna Sellnow
Report Period: Final

Project Description:

  1. The instrumentation of four COMM 110 classrooms will enhance the NDSU campus in the following ways:
    Students will develop stronger communication skills. Communication skills are top qualities employers seek in employees. Since COMM 110 is a general education requirement of all students at NDSU, every student will reap the benefits of this project.
  2. ITS staff and computer resources will no longer be monopolized by COMM 110 classes.
  3. Instructors and students will have immediate use of technology on a class by class basis. This means technology can be incorporated more fully throughout the semester (rather than only the last 3 weeks of the term).
  4. Collaboration with other disciplines and departments utilizing these classrooms for the common good of all NDSU students.
  5. Providing technology training for students with both PowerPoint and Blackboard to be used throughout their educational careers.

Progress toward Milestones:

  • Since we only received two instrumented classrooms, the COMM 110 program has not been able to integrate technology across the curriculum to the extent we had hoped. However, each instructor uses a Blackboard site in each class where students post and critique classmate outlines, participate in online discussions, and monitor their grades. Instructors who have been placed one of the two classrooms also use the technology to work with websites and PowerPoint throughout the semester. Unfortunately, since we did not get 4 classrooms, we could not do so program-wide.


  • If possible, we would like to get another 28160.00 at some point to instrument the 2 classrooms that were denied this round. That way, we can integrate technology significantly program-wide.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number:
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 28160.00
YTD expenses: 28160.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 0.00
Unspent amount: 0.00

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