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Project Title: TFAC Proposal #0324

Technology Upgrade Proposal for Van Es 105-107, Microbiology Teaching Lab
Report Period: final

Project Description:

  • The project proposed the installation of a multi-media station in the microbiology teaching lab facility, Van Es Room 105-107. This included a ceiling mounted projector and audio system connected to a computer and document camera in a permanent station. In 2002 we requested and received support for the installation of this system in one half of the Room 105-107 teaching lab (note: this lab can be used as one large room, or divided into two smaller rooms serving approximately 32 students in each side.). This grant funded the installation of the same system in the second half of the teaching lab.

  • Previously, using technology in the Van Es microbiology teaching laboratory required a portable cart with long cords for electric and internet connection. Safety was an issue due to potential accidents and spills (including pathogenic organisms). Quality of instruction was decreased by displacing students from work stations during instruction, removal of the cart after initial use, and inability to utilize modern teaching tools.

Progress toward milestones:

  • Summer 2004 - Installation of system in Van Es 105-107.
  • Fall 2004 – The system was functional and employed in daily teaching labs.


  • The improvement in teaching has once again been phenomenal! The system allows us to use a document camera to demonstrate microbiological techniques. Access to power point and internet teaching and demonstration materials is possible. Teaching aids and demonstrations can now be utilized throughout the entire lab period, and there are wonderful demonstration materials and software that are being used. Further improvements will occur as the labs utilize the PRS system for rapid response and comparison of results between lab groups.
  • With increasing major and gen ed enrollment, the teaching lab is full most of the day, split into halves and utilized for two concurrent classes. Because the first system could only serve one half of the split lab room, only one class received the benefit of the teaching technology upgrade. Now both classes receive the benefit of improved technology when the room is split. In classes where the entire room is serving one, large class, the two systems can be integrated and used for demonstrations to the entire room.
  • This technology upgrade has had a significant and positive impact on our teaching and serves a large number of students. Microbiology has experienced increasing enrollment in major courses. In addition, micro serves Pharmacy, Animal Science, Clinical Lab Science, Biotechnology and Pre-Professional students. We have expanded our general education course, Introduction to Microbiology. It is clear that the quality of instruction, and student safety, have been dramatically improved with the permanent station and ceiling mounted projector.

    Funding Summary:

    NDSU Fund Number 1528, Department 2140 (old numbers).
    Award amount - $12,000.00
    Final, unspent balance - $ 3,528.05

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