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Project Title: Upgrade Computer Equipment for Student Use in the Center

Award number: 0325
Project Leader: Richard M. Shaw, Center for Writers Director
Report Period: Mid-year

Project Description:

  • Upgrade computer equipment purchased for the Center for Writers in 1994 and 1996. Purchase two Dell GX270 and one Apple e-Mac, a networkable printer, a scanner, paper, and printer cartridges.
  • Begin on-line tutoring help; revise and update the Center Website; create databases and links for writing resources in major fields of study.
  • Begin to offer specialized research and writing workshops in collaboration with library staff.

Progress toward Milestones:

At the time the technology fee request was submitted, we had anticipated taking responsibility for the Center for Writers in July 2003. However, direction of the Center was transferred to Dr. Shaw and the English Department on July 1, 2004. Despite this delay, we have made significant progress toward the following milestones.

  • Install upgraded computer equipment: With advice from Lincoln Bathie, ITS Assistant Cluster Manager, we sent all computer equipment purchased in 1994 and 1996 to surplus. We have purchased two new Dell GX270 computers, one Apple e-mac, and have also replaced two Dell GX computers purchased in 1999 with upgrades through ITS. All computers now have the most recent operating system and Microsoft Office 2003 and are networked to a new HP 1300N deskjet printer in the Center and to a color printer in the library reference room.
  • We are revising the website and plan to have it available by August 30, 2004, with expanded services and links.
  • We have created an e-mail address <> to allow on-line tutoring.
  • During fall semester, we will work with faculty to identify useful print and online resources for writers in all disciplines.
  • We will offer workshops on researching and writing as soon as we identify specific needs during fall and spring semesters.


The grant from the Technology Fee Committee has definitely helped us revitalize the Center for Writers. We encourage members of the Committee to visit us and discuss how we may help them and their students.

We have delayed the purchase of a scanner to have more time to determine how we can best use it and what features we will need. Remaining funds will be used to purchase printer paper and ink through the academic year.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 3030/1557
Carryover: 5.00
Award: 0.00
YTD expenses: 5.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 309.15
Unspent amount: -309.15

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