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Project Title: Clinical Software Product

Award number: 0328
Project Leader: Barbara Lonbaken, Director
Report Period: Mid-year

Project Description:

  • The Student Health Service (SHS) would like to purchase a comprehensive software product with modules to include clinical areas of the SHS. The product under consideration contains customizable components including: patient registration and scheduling; immunization tracking; history and physical data capture; preventative health guidance; laboratory and pharmacy order entry and processing; chart room management; as well as an extensive set of cashiering, billing and accounts receivable components. It is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and provides an electronic medical record (EMR) that is completely integrated with all other clinical, order-entry and financial components.

Progress toward Milestones:

  • Per my conversation with Sudhir Mehta in June, the ConnectND group has directed the Student Health Service to delay the purchase and implementation of a clinical software product until PeopleSoft has been fully implemented. Therefore, there has been no progress related to the purchase or implementation of this product.


I appreciate your patience and consideration in allowing the SHS to carryover the $5000.00 award until PeopleSoft has been fully implemented on campus.

Funding Summary:

NDSU fund number: 1658
Carryover: 0.00
Award: 5000.00
YTD expenses: 0.00
Anticipated remaining expenses: 5000.00
Unspent amount: 0.00

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